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By Scotty Em

Ever wonder what it’s like to be one of NYC’s hottest DJ’s? I have, so I sat down with one of my favorites, DJ Xavier Mazara, to find out what it’s like being a slave to the music.

Where are you from?

I was born in the Bronx, NY. Moved upstate when I was three to a place called Middletown, NY and lived there for about 17 years, then moved to the city.

How long have you been spinning?

I’ve been spinning for about 4 years now and i love it!

How many gigs do you typically work a week?

Depends on the week, some weeks I work as many as 6.

Do you find the long hours hard on your personal life?

Honestly, I’m pretty good when it comes to time management with my life. I always find time for me, friends, dates, and to work on my craft. Even with my gigs and day job I somehow find personal time. That’s one of my talents. Grant it, I do get stressed out sometimes but I just push through it.

What do you think it is about you that keeps you working so consistently ?

I’d like to think its my professionalism and ease to work with. I’m a pretty laid back guy, but I’m also very professional–especially when it come to being punctual. I also think I work consistently because I don’t just play what I want to hear. I’m always looking at the crowd for what they want and what moves them. So one party, I can be DJing Top 40’s, and another deep house. It all depends on the crowd, venue, promoter, party and owner. There’s so many people to please, and if you can please them all and keep your creativity in there, it’s extremely rewarding.


You’ve been working at Spunk on Sundays at Pieces for how long now? What’s it like?

I’ve been working Spunk Sundays for about 2 and a half years. Its a really fun party. Luis Gomez, Dan Tobey, and Holly Dae have really helped to make that night special. Its kind of like a show. Holly guides you through a night of hot dancers that you can take to the back rooms. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the back room! 😉

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at Spunk?

The craziest thing I’ve seen at Spunk was when one of the customers came into the DJ booth , and he was wearing a kilt… and he took my hand and stuck it under his kilt, and he was hard as a rock. It was very surprising.


Do you have a favorite memory from your time in nightlife thus far?

One of my favorite memories was probably my first time at a gay club. It was called Opaline and it was four floors. I was 21, and can just remember running from floor to floor just overjoyed with excitement to be around so many hot gay men.

What inspires you?

I really think people are my inspiration. I love to meet different types of people from different backgrounds. I have  many friends in such polar opposite places, and I feel comfortable with them all. That’s one of the reasons why I think I thrive so well in NYC, because it’s so diverse.

What are some of your other passions besides music?

I really like to dance to music; I’m one of those people that’ll find anything to dance to. Like a police siren. It’s pretty funny. Like, anytime I’m stressed or down, I just dance it out.

How have you seen music and nightlife change over the years?

Well, music I feel always goes in circles, and picks up new adaptations along the way. Kind of like popular music taking adaptations from the EDM genre, and the EDM genre taking adaptations from the rock genre.

Nightlife I’ve seen grown tremendously because of social media. I feel social media has helped get parties out there. When I first started going out, I remember having to look in a Zagat rated book to find out where the gay clubs were. Its not like that anymore.


What’s your favorite and least favorite song to play right now?

My favorite song to play is ”Say It (Clean Bandit Remix)” by Flume. I just really like that song and the beat. I honestly don’t have a least favorite song to play

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Someone told me once that it was okay to dream big, so in 10 years from now I see myself DJing big parties at large venues and big festivals around the country. I also see myself producing my own tracks.

Is there any advice you can give to up-and-coming DJs?

Just be nice. You attract positive things with niceness.

The holidays are approaching. What does Xavier want for Christmas?

I Love electronics!

If you could “Freaky Friday” with anyone in NYC nightlife who would it be and why?

Oooh these questions are good! I’d probably Freaky Friday with a gogo boy, so I can see how fun it really is.

Is there a dream gig you’d love to book?

In the immediate future I would love to book one of the parties at Space, but in the long run I would love to DJ Electric Daisy Carnival.

What are some upcoming gigs that people can see you at?

Throughout the week you can catch me at various bars throughout the city. Depending on the week and depending on the day, you can find me at The Ritz, Atlas Social Club, The Monster & Mr. Biggs. You can catch me at Pieces Bar for Sinful Saturdays with Bootsie LeFaris, and Spunk Sundays with Holly Dae and 25+ of NYC hottest male dancers. And more [gigs] can always be found on my found on my social media.


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