On Point With: The Nobodies

Thotyssey has been lucky to speak to the three ragtag Brooklynites (Ariel Italic, DJ Eric “Accident Report” Shorey and Lady Bearica Andrews, pictured above left to right) who comprise the nightlife supergroup The Nobodies individually in the past. But so much has happened with the threesome–wresting fame, a GLAM-nominated pageant, brunches and recording sessions, to nameContinue reading “On Point With: The Nobodies”

On Point With: Lady Bearica Andrews

This anything-goes entertainer makes up one third of the self-deprecating nightlife collective The Nobodies, who are finally getting their props as of late: a Glam nomination in December, and the the go-ahead from Bob the Drag Queen herself to take over the Slam Awards in January. Let’s catch up with Lady Bearica Andrews and get theContinue reading “On Point With: Lady Bearica Andrews”

On Point With: DJ Accident Report

Eric Shorey is a writer, scholar and hater of most things, but he’s best known as Brooklyn’s own DJ Accident Report. Making up the beat-dropping third of the self-deprecating nightlife collective The Nobodies, you can find him behind queens Ariel Italic & Lady Bearica Andrews on Monday nights at Eastlands, and also at some otherContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Accident Report”

On Point With: Ariel Italic

Although she’s one third of the nightlife collective known as The Nobodies, drag queen Ariel Italic is making her mark as a Somebody in a major way. She turns heads with her creative looks, which may not have won her any crowns or sashes yet… but it hasn’t kept her and the Nobodies from creatingContinue reading “On Point With: Ariel Italic”