nySEE: Stephen Mark Land

By Scotty Em photos by : SuiteBePhotography  GoGo Stephen has a big butt and an even bigger personality. I sat down the “cake boss” to talk all things nightlife, and to get a little more insight on the boy on the box. I’ve had the fortune of calling him a friend a colleague for yearsContinue reading “nySEE: Stephen Mark Land”

nySEE! with Jamie Rossi

[photo: David Laffe] By Scotty Em Thotyssey contributor Scotty Em’s weekly column profiles the hottest gogo dancers in NYC. Today he speaks to Jamie Rossi. How long have you been gogo dancing? I’ve been in and out of the scene for the past few years, but my gogo career really started to take off this pastContinue reading “nySEE! with Jamie Rossi”