On Point With: DJ Johnny Dynell

[Photo by Alex Colby]   It’s impossible to discuss the history of NYC Nightlife without considerable mention of this prolific musician, whose recordings have cemented themselves into the foundation of all dance music. As a club DJ, he has spun in basically every legendary spot the city has boasted since the 1980s, and he’s partiedContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Johnny Dynell”

On Point With: Michael T

DJ, promoter, glam rocker… he’s done it all, coming from an era when nightlifers were actual superstars. And a superstar he remains, as he turns 50 at a venue that’s become his home base. Get your wisdom, and bask in the glory, of Michael T! Thotyssey: Hi Michael! Thanks for talking to us and happyContinue reading “On Point With: Michael T”

On Point With: Kayvon Zand

Tis the season for Kayvon Zand to emerge from the shadowy depths and haunt clubland with his ferocious looks, infectious beats and good-time voodoo. One of the city’s classic club kids and event producers who counts Amanda Lepore and RuPaul as friends, Kayvon made his mark on unsuspecting nightlife venues with notorious artistry. He wasContinue reading “On Point With: Kayvon Zand”