On Point With: George “Bam Bam” William


He’s Mr. NY Unlimited Cub 2018 and he’s one of the favorite gogo boys of New York’s bear and leather scene.  Get a load of George William, aka Bam Bam!

Thotyssey: George, hello! Thanks for talking to us today! How’s your December been so far?

George William: December has been quite the month! Holidays are literally flying in and out, and it’s almost 2019!

I see you just attended an event at Eagle with the Brothers of Excelsior

Yes! The Brothers of Excelsior held a wonderful benefit for the program New Alternatives for LGBT Youth. My partner in crime, Dan Jimenez, and I were the event’s gogo dancers! It was an absolutely amazing experience. Anything benefiting the youth of today is such a worthwhile cause for attendance.

Using sexiness for the benefit of mankind!

Haha! That’s an awesome way of putting it.


I think lots of people who aren’t in the know would be surprised that there is so much charity and fundraising happening in the bear / leather community, particularly among the competition title holders.

It is truly remarkable how a community comes together when it concerns outreach and fundraising for the benefit of said community. Title holders, entertainers, bar owners… everyone shows such a sense of family and determination to help in whatever way we can!

Many people think we just wear a sash and walk around, but having a “title” is so much more; it’s about showing pride, love, and most of all helping out your community and those who, in past years, have helped young men like myself find themselves. Volunteering, fundraising, and community outreach are major parts in having a title and we take it very seriously.

But also, it’s sexy.

Well, thank you! We certainly try to keep it as sexy as possible!


So where are you from originally?

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. At 3 months, I was adopted by two amazing parents, Eileen and George, and raised here in NY. More specifically, Rockland County.

Have you ever made a trip as an adult back to Colombia?

I have not. My sister Jenna (also adopted from Medellín) and I are definitely making it a point to travel over there very soon. It would be amazing to experience the culture, and where we came from.

Werk! So when did you discover the bear / leather scene?

My ex-boyfriend introduced me to the bear scene a number of years ago, and I automatically felt at home. I had been gogo dancing a few of years prior, but was struggling with finding a group of people with similar values and a mindset I could definitely relate to. The bears are definitely full of unconditional love.

When did you start calling yourself Bam Bam?

When I first started gogo dancing, I was one of the youngest boys on the box… so one of my bosses dubbed me Bam Bam (the toddler from The Flintstones). I made my mark as the dancer who could drop into a split at a moment’s notice, and people would go BAM when I would hit the floor.


Bam! How long have you been partaking in the competitions?

This year was actually my first competition down in North Carolina. Dan and I competed and won the titles of Mr. NY Unlimited Bear and Mr. NY Unlimited Cub.

What was that whole process like for you?

Truly unforgettable. Meeting new people, and hearing their stories that led them to NC was both interesting and inspiring. I made many new friends, and great connections! It definitely helped me also in discovering myself as a 25 year-old man.

How did you find yourself as a “cub” instead of a” bear?” Is it mostly about body type?

I guess it’s all open to interpretation. I’m still maturing, like a Cub matures into a Bear…  so I would definitely relate more to Boo Boo than Yogi!

Boo Boo has the better neckwear.

Yas! I totally agree!


So what are some of your Unlimited Cub duties for the rest of the year, as far as gigs and appearances?

Well, aside from Bam Bam’s gogo gigs, I’m working on a statewide body positivity / self-love campaign / workshop that will launch in the New Year! I’m very excited to watch it take off, and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Yazzz! Well we are very happy to have you with Thotyssey’s Bear Invasion of Viva Variety on Tuesday (9pm) at Bedlam! It’s going to be you, Dan and John-John Punki  giving burlesque performances! Have you tried burlesque before?

Haha it’s gonna be LIT! I recently did “bear”-lesque at the Eagle’s Kinky Cabaret. It was so much fun, and definitely different than gogo dancing.  I’m so excited to perform! Viva Vidalia is such a talented performer and great friend, and my brothers Dan and John-John are going to slay the stage, no doubt about it.


Can’t wait to see you there! Anything else?

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy holiday season, and a prosperous New Year, from my Den to yours!

Likewise! Lastly: what’s the one thing the world needs to know about Bam Bam?

Hmmm…well, I’m sure he would want the world to know that underneath his fuzzy exterior, lies a young man with determination, spunk, and a heart of gold who wants to give back to a community of people that provided him with love and acceptance. You only go through life once, but a legacy can live forever. And I intend to leave one.

Thank you, George!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for George “Bam Bam” William’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


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