RePoint: Stephanie Stone

[photo: Santiago Felipe]

It’s been two years, so let’s catch up with one of the city’s most glamorous and effortlessly cool queens–and one of Lips’ Restaurant’s most recognizable performers–on the eve of her very new, very fun venture: Miss Stephanie Stone!

Thotyssey: Hello Miss Stephanie! It’s been a minute! How have you been?

I’m great! Things are moving.

That’s all you can ask for! This is probably the busy holiday season for Lips.

Lindsanity. But it’s always busy there. The girls keep it popping. Drag is in, you know!

I’ve heard! I was just at Lips not long ago, Heidi Haux did this thing there on a Monday where she assembled a huge cast of drags and lip synced an entire season of Scream Queens, it was insane!

Heidi knows no bounds. The force is strong in that one.

photo: @charlesludeke

So, let’s go back a little bit. During Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, VH1 tried to do a thing where they had Wendy Williams host a live “viewing party” as a commercial outro. But you Facebook posted about how shitty her show staff treated Erickatoure Aviance for wearing drag in the studio audience years ago, and that post kinda went viral. The Wendy “viewing party” was cancelled, and I don’t think The Gays have fully gotten back on board with Wendy since!

No comment, lol. But it showed the power of Facebook. I wrote that at night,  went to bed, and by 9am had messages from every editor in town “Hi doll, can we talk… ” lol

Amazing! Well not that amazing, Miss Stone has always been a star! These nights when you’re not working, where are you kiki’ing at?

There are so many good parties now. The scene is so diverse. From RAGGA to Holymountain. I try and hit up as much as I can, especially small local bars like Macri, Club Cumming and 9th Ave Saloon. I’m most excited about 3 Dollar Bill! What a venue!

3 Dollar Bill’s become the talk of the town, especially since Frankie Sharp took over as entertainment director! Such a diverse lineup of entertainment… and you’re gonna be part of it soon! How long have you been thinking of doing a bingo night with Busted somewhere?

I’ve wanted to work with Busted FOREVER. Who wouldn’t? I also wanted to do something light and activity-based. Adding disco to this just made sense. What’s happier than disco?  After work on Monday you get to roll in, tap your foot, take the edge off ($4 well, $2 pints before 8pm), see a show, win stuff and put a smile on your mug. What’s better than that? We could all use some Happy.

Oh that sounds like Heaven! Did you get any bingo advice from Ginger Snap? She basically invented drag bingo!

I cut my bingo teeth with Ginger and Chandilier Period at Lips, so I’m pretty confident… if not down right cocky, lol!

photo: Santiago Felipe

And speaking Lips, you’ll have the newest Lips queen Shiny Penny being the Board Bitch each night! Isn’t she adorbs?

Yes! Shiny will be giving you that “shiny shuffle” with boards in hand. $5 a board for the whole night,  $2 additional boards for those with a “bingo addiction disorder,” or BAD as we like to call it.

Brooklyn and Manhattan nightlife have always been two pretty distinct teams, but it seems like with this and other shows at that venue, Frankie is bringing the teams together! Will Basic Manhattan Bitches make the trek to party at 3DB, or do you think it will mostly be the locals?

Oh, a total mix. Who doesn’t want to see Dennis Budesheim, half-naked, having to deal with lots of balls? Folks travel these days, if you give them a good enough reason. Hopefully we can spread a little joy. I’m cool with that.

Joyful Joyful! Okay, what else needs to be said about “Stoned & Busted?”

COME!!!! Lol. 6-10pm every Monday till we die. 3 Dollar Bill. 260 Merserole St. When you win at bingo, an angel gets its wings and a fireball shot!

Werk! Okay, final question… who will win All-Stars 4?

Oh, Mylanta! First, they are all stars…. but I made a deal with God to stand by Latrice, and I ain’t giving up my spot!

You’ve chosen wisely! Thanks Stephanie,and  have a great premiere!

Stephanie Stone performs at Lips throughout the week, and hosts “Stoned & Busted at 3 Dollar BIll on Mondays (6pm). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for her scheduled gigs, and follow Stephanie on Facebook and Instagram.

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