RePoint: Viva Vidalia

When Thotyssey last interviewed Viva Vidalia (one of our earliest), she’d just won the Mr. Rockbear sash at her home base of Rockbar, and had also just started doing drag. Much as changed! Now among many other things, Viva is the key element to Thotyssey’s latest nightlife venture. Let’s review with Viva! Thotyssey: Viva, helloContinue reading “RePoint: Viva Vidalia”

On Point With: Viva Vidalia

It might seem like drag queen Viva Vidalia popped out of nowhere with her own weekly show at Rockbar Thursday nights, but she’s actually been at it for six years. And as Mr. Rockbear 2016, she / he’s on a very short list of queens to also hold a title for a leather bear competition!Continue reading “On Point With: Viva Vidalia”