On Point With: Will Automagic

Currently one half of the hit DJ duo The Carry Nation, Will Automagic has had a storied and celebrated career spinning some of NYC’s most vital venues and parties, and has had several fascinating factors influence his work. Thotyssey and Will look back on a legendary DJ’s life and career. Thotyssey: Hey DJ Will! ThanksContinue reading “On Point With: Will Automagic”

On Point With: DJ Nita Aviance

One of New York’s most beloved and experienced dance floor DJs, Nita Aviance (from, duh, the legendary House of Aviance) slays us the world over with beats as one half of The Carry Nation and as a solo entity. Today he tells Thotyssey about what’s in store for him, and us. Thotyssey: Nita, hello! ThanksContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Nita Aviance”