On Point With: Elise Navy-Dad

This fun new queen on the scene recently won a major drag competition in the city, and this weekend will be headlining her first ever show. Thotyssey gives some season’s greetings to Elise Navy-Dad!

Thotyssey: Elise, hello! How was your Thanksgiving?

Elise Navy-Dad: Full of food, friends, and Me Time. My three favorite things.

Sounds delightful! And now we’re rapidly approaching Christmastime… how many times are you anticipating you’ll be performing “All I Want For Christmas” this month?

At least 1,769… but most of those will be in the shower.

Fair enough! Where’s your hometown?

I am originally from Overland Park, Kansas a suburb of Kansas City.

Werk! Kansas had a little blue wave this past election, congrats to the home state!

Yas! I lived my best life when I saw that. To be honest, I didn’t expect it… but looks like my home state finally did something right.

Were you always a performer of some sort growing up?

I started doing musicals when I was 10 years-old, and haven’t stopped since! I went to college at Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI for music theatre and arrived in NYC a little over four years ago.

Do you have any favorite musicals?

My favorite musical is Legally Blonde, and I have exactly zero shame about it.  It’s a solid uplifting piece of theatre

Do you think one of the reasons so many musical theater kids are drawn to drag is because female roles in musicals are always so much better than male roles?

Yes! All the best roles are female, and unfortunately gender-bent productions aren’t done that often. So if no one will cast you as a dream role, you cast yourself… and do it in a wig!

How exactly did you enter the drag world?

Well, it’s something I have wanted to do since I was in college, but never had the courage to do. Then after eight years, I finally womaned up, had four vodka Sprites, and stumbled through Ariana Grande’s “Greedy” about 6 months ago.

Did your drag name immediately come to you?

I went through and bunch of names before I started. Originally it was Anastacia Rain ‘cause I thought it sounded fancy, but then quickly realized she ain’t a fancy bitch. It came down to Elise Navy-Dad and Arbysana Grande. Very happy with my choice!

I saw you perform a fun number during the first finals of Stonewall’s Polish The Queen drag competition. I recall it had effects and reveals! Did you always know you were gonna be the shablam queen?

Of course! She didn’t come here to make friends, she came here to win! Even though that time I didn’t! I live for a production number, and if it’s a finale of a competition, you know I’m bringing one.

You did win the second season of Polish, though, congrats!

Thank you!

 What was your winning number?

I did a “Sugar Daddy” mix with reveals, lifts, dancers, and my own Flashdance moment where I had a bucket full of (fake) money poured on me (clips on my Instagram).

And coming up this Sunday night is the headliner showcase you won in the competition: your very own Stonewall Invasion! How exciting… what’s in store for us?

This is going to be a big, crazy, drag-filled night. The Invasion is at the legendary Stonewall Inn this Sunday, November 25th at 11pm. Doors open at 10. I have my special guests Petti Cake, Virginia Thicc, and La Zavaleta. We will be serving you looks, dance, comedy, live singing, and probably some falling, ‘cause this will be my first time performing in some of these shoes. So who knows what will happen!

Have a great show! Anything else coming up for you?

I am also gong to be co-hosting the Drag Race Christmas Special with my girl Petti Cake on December 7th at the West End Lounge!  And there is plenty of Christmas season left, so everyone let me know if they want to book a bitch!  After Christmas, I will be boy-booked in Ft. Lauderdale for January… so look out for Elise’s return to New York in February!

Noted! Okay, final question: what’s the most important thing on your list for Santa this year?

A husband.

Put a bow on it, Claus! Thanks, Elise!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Elise Navy-Dad’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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