On Point With: Millicent


One of drag’s most terrifying and celebrated new look queens is a mild-mattered pharmacy technician by day! Thotyssey shares the spooky tale of Miss Millicent this Halloween Weekend.

Thotyssey: Millicent, good morning! Thanks for talking to us at this ungodly hour! I would never have thought that a Creature of the Night such as yourself would be out and about in this much sunlight.

Millicent: Good morning!  It is definitely a struggle. But I’ve discovered recently that no alcohol the night before helps tremendously!

I’ve heard that, but I’m not sure I believe it! What is your day job, if you don’t mind me asking?

I work in the pharmacy at CVS! Night and day, literally and figuratively.

That’s a pretty fascinating juxtaposition.

It’s not a common one that people hear. But boy, do I have fun saying it!


So, where are you from?

I grew up in Bellerose, Queens! Faaaar far away from here.

I know Bellerose well! How did you become the Beautiful Pharmacy Drag Monster that we see before us?

Well, the roads to CVS and drag were pretty damn different. CVS was born out of ease of scheduling and a learned aversion to the restaurant industry. Drag came from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Were you a Sharon Needles gal?

I absolutely adore Sharon Needles, but I was originally inspired by Jinkx Monsoon. Her’s was the first season I watched, and her kindness, sensitivity and over-the-top theatricality hit me like a ton a bricks.


You’re known for your very elaborate horror makeup and costuming… when did you discover those aesthetic skills?

I’ve been fascinated with horror and gruesome / disturbing imagery for as long as I can remember. I used to LIVE for Party City at Halloween time–they had this wall of monster masks that I would just stare at wistfully. That evolved into glue-on prosthetics, which evolved into sheer gore, and eventually I guess it all started to get mixed into my drag!

That Cheshire Cat clown mouth prosthetic you sported for Bushwig and DragCon is sickening, both in the gay way and the literal way! When did you create that?

Thank you! That was actually made by my brother, a mask and prosthetics artist.  He made it for me for last year’s DragCon!


When did you start coming out as Millicent?

My first time stepping beyond the front door as Millicent would have been April 2014! Except back then I was calling myself “Ashlie.”

I had a rather touch-and-go start with drag. The first two years I only came out every once in a while, when I had an idea for a number or a costume. And I would usually just go to the shows of a few queens that I followed religiously, hoping that they would let me perform. Then my third year, I didn’t do drag at all. It wasn’t until this last season of Look Queen that I started going ham.

It was definitely a breakout moment, bringing you all the way to the finals! Are you as comfortable with the performing aspects of drag as you are with creating these amazing looks?

I fucking adore performing. It’s been my passion since elementary school, and one of my favorite components of drag. I’ve had a hard time, though, with balancing looks and performance. If I’m doing it all myself (which I, perhaps stupidly, insist on doing) then some things start to go. But yes, to answer your question, I am just as comfortable with performing, perhaps more so!  It just sometimes falls by the wayside to the looks.

I understand you were a little disappointed with how your number went for the Look Queen finale? It was an original song, but there were tech difficulties.

I was very disappointed. It was indeed an original song that I wrote the music and lyrics for that was also veeeeery personal to me. And I thought that it would be a good idea to try to bring three musicians with bulky instruments, a sound system and a confetti gun onto the Monster Bar stage. Needless to say… it was a struggle. It wasn’t just the tech difficulties, though. The number just didn’t fit the atmosphere.  And my voice went out after the first line!

Well, you had to start somewhere! Would you try the song again under better circumstances?

Absolutely! I am planning on turning the number into a music video–much more controllable–and I would certainly give the Look Queen Finale another shot, knowing now what to expect and what may perhaps be considered “too much.”


It must’ve been an overall enjoyable experience though, to be around all these great queens, plus the Drag Race girls on stage and in the judges’ panel.

Ob absolutely.  The judges panel was fucking disgusting. It was an honor to be able to perform in front of them all, and in front of such a large, rather “big-wiggy” NYC audience. And when I first stepped into the dressing room that night and saw what the other queens were bringing, my first thought was “Shit…”  One, because there was literally no space left for my stuff, and two, because they all brought their A-GAME… A-PLUSPLUSPLUS game. It was very inspiring. And completely terrifying!

Well you definitely made an impression! And yours was probably the last Look Queen finale at The Monster, which has now changed venues (to Bedlam) in solidarity with Honey Davenport. What do you think about that whole situation? Or specifically, should we consider forgiving The Monster now that there is new general management?

What happened with The Monster was very fucking unfortunate. I honestly don’t feel that I am in the right to say whether or not the Monster deserves forgiving, as my only exposure to the situation has been as an onlooker via social media. But I will say that I will follow Mitch Ferrino and Look Queen wherever they go.  And I support Honey Davenport’s decision to leave. I saw the video, of course, and she was clearly heartbroken by the situation. I say, good for her for feeling hurt and doing something about it. Too often, people will stay in painful situations out of fear. She did not, and I think everyone can learn something from that.

Indeed, and well-said!


So, Halloween is basically here, which means we’ll probably be seeing lots of ferocious looks from you. You’re gonna be at Mitch and Bob’s BLOODBATH this Sunday night at the Copa! Kim Chi will be there, along with many of the city’a top queens turning spooky looks and numbers! How amazing will this all be!? 

I am SO FUCKING EXCITED! I’ve never been to a Bloodbath before… but I’ve seen the photos. And the fact that it’s run by Mitch and Bob should be enough to make anyone piss themselves with excitement! I’m also selling tickets (*WINK WINK*), $20 a pop!


Werk! That will be the ki. Anything else to add here?

Be on the lookout for my music video, coming in 2019! That’s all I can think of at the moment!

We can’t wait! Okay, last question… what’s gonna be better, the Halloween remake or the Suspiria remake?

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve seen neither?

Gasp! The things a Werking Gurl doesn’t have time for! Thank you, Millicent!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Millicent’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
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