On Point With: Scott Feigr Curley

A first time GLAM nominee this year, Scott Feigr Curley tells Thotyssey about his evolution from Florida dancer to NYC drag stylist extraordinaire. 

Thotyssey: Hello Mr. Curley! I know you are super busy these days… what are you working on at this moment?

Scott Feigr Curley: Hey there! I am currently working on a few projects (both clothing and wigs) for the GLAM Awards, and a few other separate wig commissions.

Not only are you making looks for GLAM nominees and guests, but you are a now a first time nominee yourself, for Best Hair Design! Congratulations! That’s great validation for all your hard work this past year.

Thank you so much! Congratulations to you as well! It is definitely nice to be recognized by your peers.


I understand that you didn’t really start as a wig and fashion stylist until you began experimenting with your fiancé Heidi Haux’s drag.

That is true! As Heidi started accumulating wigs 4 or 5 years ago, I started playing around. I also started working as a manager for a salon around the same time, so hair styling surrounded me most of the time. I had to at least try it out.

And Heidi was an honest critic of your progress the whole time?

She was definitely supportive of the endeavor. There were wigs I made early on that “made the cut.” But most were “pretty,” just not right for Heidi. If she hates something, I learn a way to do it better.


Now as far as your origin story goes: you’re from Florida, right?

Yes. A city called Winter Springs in the “Greater Orlando Area.”

Sounds lovely! Did you ever have to worry about falling iguanas there?

Haha! Large reptiles are absolutely a problem in Florida, in so many ways.

And you’re a trained dancer.

Yes! I was in musical theater and band starting at 11 years-old. When I was 15, I started focusing more on the dance aspect of theater and jumped in full time at a dance studio. I still did marching band and musical theater during high school, but most of the dancers I knew started when they were 3… so I had to play catch-up at the dance studio. I also worked at Disney World in entertainment my last two years of high school. Then I went to college at Florida State University to get my BFA in Dance before moving to NYC.

What made you come here?

The opportunity for dance in Florida is limited. NYC is the center the dance world.


Then drag came a-calling! How did you meet Heidi?

Our mutual friend, Elliott, introduced us on the second floor of The Ritz, and we made out for hours. Haha, so romantic!

How cute! Are you still pursuing dance at all, or did design take over?

I go to auditions every now and then, if it is for a dream job. I choreograph and dance for drag queens regularly. I also have been in a small modern dance company, Danspiek, since 2013.

What do you feel is the most fabulous thing you’ve created for a queen via your styling enterprise, NOT FEIGR?

Well, the outfit and wig for Heidi’s Glam Awards look are amazing. As far as what’s already out there, I would say the first stoned wig I made for Stephanie Stone is the most fabulous thing I have made.


I can’t wait to see you and Heidi looking all glam at the GLAMS.

Our matching looks will be stunning!

Heidi’s got a bunch of well-deserved nominations herself also. As for you, do you have a speech prepared?

I do not! If I somehow won, I would probably just say something short and awkward that I did not think about ahead of time.

It will be wonderful! Okay, is there anything else to alert the children about regarding the Haus of FeigrCurleyHaux?

I am always looking for new collaborations and projects! CLUE Live [an all lip-synched production presented by Heidi] will be coming in March! And, the word “FEIGR” sounds like “FAIR.”

Feigr enough! Okay, finally: “Stupid Love,” Gaga’s new track… bop or slop?

BOP. We have waited for this for years. If you hate it, just let it grow on you. We can’t be so picky in 2020.

Truer words were never spoken! Thanks Scott, and good luck!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Scott Feigr Curley’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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