On Point With: Harajuku

Fairly new to the scene, this queen is already slaying with ferocious beats and stage moves. And soon, she’ll be a pageant queen as well when the revamped Mr(s) BK returns to Bushwig. Get into the fresh fierceness of Harajuku! [Editor’s note: in 2020, this performer changed their stage name to Chiquitita.] Thotyssey: Hi Harajuku,Continue reading “On Point With: Harajuku”

On Point With: Dahlia Sin

This candidate for New York nightlife’s “Thirstiest Thot” also happens to be a fierce-as-fuck drag queen. Forming the Haus of Aja in 2016 with three of her similarly f-a-f sister queens turned out to be the Ticket, and the Haus has been slaying ever since. Let’s get down and dirty with Dahlia Sin! Thotyssey: Hi Dahlia,Continue reading “On Point With: Dahlia Sin”

On Point With: Kandy Muse

The Haus of Aja (a fierce and fabulous drag family) owns Brooklyn, and will be taking over the other other boroughs–and every damn city on the map–in due time. Exuding strength, glamour and charisma, these girls are true nightlife legends in the making. Kandy Muse is the newest girl in the Haus, and she chatsContinue reading “On Point With: Kandy Muse”

On Point With: Aja

One of New York City drag’s greatest dancers, Aja has been tearing up the bars and clubs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond for years. And she’s only 22! Now with shows in Brooklyn, a fledgling rap career, a growing array of fierce high fashion looks and a shot at the Miss Industry 2016 crown, thisContinue reading “On Point With: Aja”