On Point With: MiscAllaneous DomTop


What we need now more than ever is a dangerous, sexually provocative performing artist lighting up our nightlife. Look no further than dancer/ designer/ dominatrix MiscAllaneous DomTop, who will get you screaming with pleasure from a fierce move or from the crack of a whip. In the new age of Random, we have MiscAllaneous to keep us respectfully insane!

Thotyssey: Hi MiscAllaneous, thanks for talking to us! So, these are bleak times we find ourselves in as of this week. How are you feeling?

MiscAllaneous DomTop: Beyond frustrated. I had so many emotions, and I am not big on politics. But it really did affect me. I am really concerned for me being a person of color, and also being gay.

Viktor Devonne said not too long ago that he was very moved by your performance for the Say Their Names: Black Lives Matter burlesque fundraiser back in October. Do you generally express serious themes in your performances?

I am not big on themes. I just perform what I am feeling, or what feels good to me at the moment.

You are difficult to categorize, which is not a bad thing! Burlesquer, club kid, drag queen, performance artist, fetishist… are any or all of these labels accurate for you? Or none of the above?

ALL!!!!!!!!!! I would say I am all of those! There are so many sides to me. And don’t forget dominatrix.


Is being a dominatrix something that you actually do as a job? Or are you mostly just putting that aesthetic into your act?

Check out my Instagram and it will show you! Yes, I do it as a job also. But I do many things for jobs, that’s just one of them. So to answer your question more clearly: yes, I am a dominatrix.

I don’t wanna ask you too many questions about that because I know you’re probably obligated to keep a lot of those interactions private. But what’s something about being a dominatrix that people probably have huge misconceptions of?

That dominatrixes are weird and sick people. I think they are the most open-minded and nice and beautiful people I’ve met in my life.

And you provide people with a wonderful emotional service that’s a lot more than just sex-based.

Well. I don’t have sex with my clients… only torture them [laughs]. I give them exactly what they want, and what they want is to lose control and to not be in charge, and for someone to take charge of them.


You have many sexy-chic looks in and out of the dungeon, very high fetish/leather, and very editorial. 

I have a background in fashion styling. I put all my looks together. I always want to look like I came out of an editorial from a magazine. I usually don’t plan my look a head of time. Most of the time, I put my looks together a few hours before (or the hour of) when I am going out, or when I am performing.

Flawless! Although I must say I find the old school nun looks with the masks and mouth pieces terrifying

Oh, that is my Governess look! One of my favorite looks. TERRIFIED:  PERFECT! I love to scary people a bit. Keep them guessing.

Where did she come from?

Well, the look just came from my mind. I was always obsessed with the word “governess,” and I always said I would dress up as a sexy governess. But then I thought, why don’t I just be a scary one [laughs]? It’s me as I picture myself as a governess.


Another bit of horror that’s also a little hilarious is that blonde white girl mask. Dear lord!

I’m obsessed with that mask! I get so much attention when I wear that. It’s above and beyond. It’s like, whenever we’re in the scariest masks, men want to take me home, or go to bathroom and want to suck my dick. It’s really quite funny, actually.

And they stare at me, take pictures of me without thinking I see them taking pictures of me, and I don’t say anything. That’s what the straight guys usually do what I wear that mask. It’s quite funny.

That almost doesn’t surprise me! You should wear that, like, grocery shopping.

[Laughs] Yes, I’m going to do a shoot and a video of me running around in the city with that mask on, it will be funny! Times Square and Whole Foods for sure. Can’t wait for that shoot.


Are you always masked when you perform?

Yes. I always wear a mask or a muzzle when I perform, or if I am going out. It’s just my thing.

Do your nightlife friends know what you look like? 

Most do and most don’t. Some people have never seen my face. Or I will see them out in the city during the day and I will just go up and talk to them, and they will look at me like, “Who the fuck is this…” then I tell them it’s me, MiscAllaneous, then they are like, “OMGGGGG I have never seen your face!”

But the ones I am close to know my face. Most of them see my face at some point in time.

So if you ever have, like, a hosting gig and you get pneumonia or something, you can send an impostor in your place!

[Laughs] not really!


So, okay, where’s your hometown?

Southern California, born and raised.

What was your life like there?

Boring. Where I grew up was boring, very suburb.  And if you were just a bit different, you were weird. And I was obviously gay, so that did not help.

What inspired you then, creatively?

I always loved fashion, but was to afraid at the time to step out my box and dress how I wanted to dress. It’s funny because as a child and teen, I was always pointed out as different daily, and people use to love to point that out to me. So I would try to bend in; that’s all I wanted to do was to blend. And to top it off I grew up in a predominantly white area, so being black, gay and different was not cute.

Fashion and my love for dance always inspired me to keep my head up. And once I had the chance I would leave the house and move away.

What was that chance?

Coming out of the closet with everything about my life. I came out when I was 18 years-old. Once I came out, it was like I could be myself.

My coming out story is not the best. I had to leave my house when I was 18, and lived with my friend for about a year. I did not talk to my parents for about three years. It took them to come around to me.


Sorry to hear that, but I’m glad they finally did. What ultimately brought you to New York?

Fashion brought me here. I just ended my dance career and wanted to start doing fashion styling, so I moved to New York.

And then when did you start performing?

Well, I have a dance background. I used to be in a ballet company; I trained in ballet. And in high school, I did hip hop, jazz and modern. I stopped dancing back in 2009.

Then last year, once I started going out I started giving looks. And then when I dressed up, people would say “Do you perform?” And I would say “I used to.” And then people kept asking me if I performed. So I was like, it’s time for me to get back into dance; not ballet, but something I can have fun with.

Then my sister Munroe Lilly, who is a fierce burlesque dancer, said I should give it a try. That’s how I got back into it.

Do you generally use pop music in your numbers?

It depends on my mood. I have done numbers to classical music, Marilyn Manson, Prince… and the list goes on.

What do you find rewarding about burlesque?

I love to get naked!

You’re an interesting burlesquer though, because you don’t get that naked; you just kinda move things around a little, by nature of that fact that you’re always in gear and a mask.

If it was up to me I would get butt-ass naked but keep my heels and mask on [laughs]. All depends on my act.


Have you ever gotten feedback that your look and act are too intense for certain venues?

No, not yet. but I’m the wildcard, so I know everyone is now going to book me. I’m not your typical boylesque dancer, and I am 1,000 % okay with that.

Awesome! And you’re gigging all over the place. Speaking about Viktor Devonne earlier, you’ll be guest performing for his troupe White Elephant on Wednesday night at Rockbar. I know you’ve performed with them before. Do you like performing with a mix of male and female burlesquers?

Yes I do. I don’t mind the mix of both. About Viktor Devonne: he is very special to me, because he was the first person who gave me a chance. And for that, I will always thank him for that first chance for my first show.


And we’ll also be seeing you at Stonewall on November 19th, with another troupe: Homo Erectus. Have you performed at Stonewall before?

This will be my first time performing with them, and also at Stonewall.


And this is exciting… on the 27th, you’ll be hosting a concert at the Mercury Lounge with Sateen, Neocamp, Sandflower and a TBA headliner! How did you get that awesome gig?

Queen Sateen reached out to me. I really love her and Exquisite. They are true artists and I was so happy she asked me to host. When I first starting going out, Queen Sateen and Exquisite were always super nice to me. The others kinda took a while to talk to me and my sister Munroe.


How did you meet Munroe Lilly, by the way?

Though a friend visiting from out of town. He wanted to bring a friend, so he brought Munroe. Then my friend wanted to go out to a Susanne Bartsch party at the Standard Hotel. Long story short, my out-of-town friend did not show up, and I ended up hangout with Munroe. We clicked, and just started going out and hanging out ever since then.


Looking into next month, you’re gonna be at Albatross in Astoria for Spiced Cider’s holiday burlesque show on December 10th! I bet this will be your first gig in Queens. They’re gonna gag for you!

It will be my first gig in Spiced Cider’s show, and also in Queens. Should be fun, I cant wait.


And then on December 13th you’ll be back in Brooklyn at Bizarre, for Sweet Lorraine’s Safeword, a BDSM burlesque party! 

Yes! Safeword is one of my favorite shows to perform in, besides Shades of Burlesque.

What’s your own safeword?

I don’t have a safeword, but my clients usually have one [laughs].


You work a lot with Lorraine; she’s one of the few burlesque performers who really encourages people of color to participate in the genre. Do you feel that under-representation in burlesque?

Very underrepresented. You don’t see a lot of boylesque dancers. I feel like black burlesque performers should be getting booked more, but that’s just me and how I feel.


What else is going on?

I am doing more modeling, which i am happy about. Performing and being a personality is really my passion.

Awesome. Okay, last question: what is one thing about Miscallaneous DomTop that the world might not know, and would surprise them if they did?

That if I was not a performer and/or dominatrix, I would want to be a kindergarten school teacher. I love kids! Their hearts and souls are kind. Also, I am obsessed with cartoons.

You’d make an ideal teacher in this climate, MiscAllaneous, thanks again, and good gigging!


MiscAllaneous DomTop will perform on Wednesday, November 16th (8pm) with White Elephant Burlesque at Rockbar; Saturday, November 19th (7pm) with Homo Erectus at Stonewall; Sunday, November 27th (7:30pm) hosting a concert at Mercury Lounge with Sateen and others; Saturday, December 19th (8pm) with Spiced Cider’s troupe at Albatross and Tuesday, December 13th (9pm) for Safeword at Bizarre Bushwick. MiscAllaneous can be followed on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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