On Point With: Hystée Lauder

This dynamic drag performance artist draws from a deep cache of menacing props and costumes, mysterious audiovisuals and penetrating themes for their stagecraft, leaving audiences with feelings of dread, bewilderment and wonder. But one thing’s certain: you’ll never be bored. Bringing their unclassifiable sorcery to the Bizarre stage this week, it’s the ominous, glorious HystéeContinue reading “On Point With: Hystée Lauder”

On Point With: Cameron Cole

Brooklyn’s hardest-working and most in-demand DJ has a long history with the drag queens and dancefloors of his borough and beyond. Meanwhile, he’s a writer, a photographer, a party host and promoter, a celebrity roaster, and an occasional performer to boot. Get into Cameron Cole! Thotyssey: Cameron, thanks for chatting… how’s your week going soContinue reading “On Point With: Cameron Cole”

On Point With: Lady Havokk

Lots of drag queens in this city call themselves “unfiltered,” but here is one of the very few with an actual diagnosis to back up the claim. She speaks nothing but the truth, and she will slay you with fierce looks and numbers in the process. A veteran nightlifer who’s worked all over the city,Continue reading “On Point With: Lady Havokk”

On Point With: Sweet Lorraine

When this beautiful, intelligent Shakespearean actress first studied burlesque as a way to explore her “Sexy,” she soon found herself as a major figure in the scene and in NYC nightlife. Now hosting an all women-of-color revue called Shades of Burlesque and the sexy fetish party Safeword, she has positively given the world of tassels andContinue reading “On Point With: Sweet Lorraine”