THOTify Music Monthly – October/November 2021

Alaska, “Beautiful (Night 4 a) Breakdown” We’ve really been enjoying the Drag Race All-Star’s latest collection of singles, which feature key elements rarely heard in RuGirl releases: melody, lyricism and form! This track’s giving us some disco drama (while another recent drop, “Wow,” is a pop punk / emo banger). Also, if you found yourselfContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – October/November 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – September 2021

Here are some music videos and singles released by the NYC queer nightlife (and adjacent) community in September. Alaska, “Red” Who would’ve thought that one of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most recognizable alums would still be making music? Actually, this might be Alaska’s best effort yet… and arguably her most pop friendly. But wait, isn’t sheContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – September 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – August 2021

Summer is nearly over, but the queer pop / hip hop / disco sound beats on! Cory Alexander “Honey, While Away” With a new spacy, airy, textured pop single that bears the developing signature sound of this singer and his producer SixFoot 5, Cory is definitely skipping further to the front of the line inContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – August 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – June & July 2021

We took June off to concentrate on listing Pride events, so we have lots of new music to catch up with! Antony Cherrie, “Divorce” (Original Audio) Reminder: queer music doesn’t have to be a non-stop buffet of candy and poppers! Veteran musician and ginger hottie Antony recently premiered some new music at one of hisContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – June & July 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – May 2021

May was was busy month for queer nightlife original music–just in time for mass re-openings of dance floors across NYC! Aja with Dai Burger, “Horsewh!p” The New York rapper’s massive (20 tracks!) new record Crown is already getting lots of buzz for it’s dueling aggressive and reflective vibes. This track in particular, which has theContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – May 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – April 2021

April offered a number of eclectic tracks for our queer ears, courtesy of NYC nightlife’s finest and beyond. Aja, “Tough Love” (Official Audio feat. GESS) A bit more ominous and aggressive then their mournful last single, the first word of this song title is dominant as ex-RuGirl Aja raps lyrical hellfire around singer GESS’s starklyContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – April 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – March 2021

March’s queer popisphere was rattled right at month’s end by surprise lavender bang, courtesy of Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)“. At two minutes and eighteen seconds, the track is catchy enough: the standard bouncy metallic sprechgesang (that’s a word!) that dominates male vocal-driven pop these days. But it’s the slightly-longer videoContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – March 2021”

THOTify Music Monthly – February 2021

Launch! This monthly column will likely change and evolve in content throughout the year, but for now we just wanted to celebrate February’s music releases from local queer acts. We’ll include a THOTify Gaylist (Spotify) of everything listed here at the bottom! NEW VIDEOS & SINGLES AMAR, “Manifesto” The French-born, avant garde dance pop artistContinue reading “THOTify Music Monthly – February 2021”