THOTify Music Monthly – September 2021

Here are some music videos and singles released by the NYC queer nightlife (and adjacent) community in September.

Alaska, “Red”

Who would’ve thought that one of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most recognizable alums would still be making music? Actually, this might be Alaska’s best effort yet… and arguably her most pop friendly. But wait, isn’t she in LA? What’s she doing on this queer New York music list? Oh yeah… enter our local hero Boy Radio for a stunning video cameo!

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Antony Cherrie, “Sweet Lightning” (Official Audio)

We’re liking all the stuff we’re hearing on Whistling Thru Hell, the new album from Scottish-born New York rocker-turned wistful singer-songwriter Antony (who often performs at Club Cumming and recently opened for Jill Sobule on Fire Island). That includes this piano ballad with a heartbreaking melody that quietly slaying us, even with its life-affirming, reassuring lyrics.

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Dezi 5, “The Night”

We dearly miss our fiercely talented sis with his magnetic stage presence and soulful voice–he returned to Texas during the pandemic (although will hopefully soon return to NYC). But it brought us joy to see him finally put this original, live set staple to record and now video. Usually when you hear the live version of a song several times before the record is made, the track is disappointing… but this time, it sounds exactly how it should! Video bonus: sexy silk pajamas are never wrong.

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Ernie Glam, “Walk Into the Club”

What happens when an OG club kid records a dance track and then films a music video. Exactly what you’d expect! The surviving co-host of YouTube’s The Pee-ew! serves a fun, retro bloop-bleep-bloop club track here. I think this video was filmed at Sony Hall?

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Ghostely, “WITS”

Okay honestly, we don’t know anything about the artist(s) who recorded this song… which seems to be just how they want it to be, for now. We like it, though! What needs to be discussed for now is this incredible video for the track, starring Lucky Chengs‘ brilliant Russian drag queen and costume maker Gioconda. In fact, the whole video is a product of her cosmic mind, and it’s a fascinating, whimsical, powerful thing to behold. We’ll let you discover it for yourself!

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Goldilocks, “Slide My Way”

We love this queer AF Latinx rapper, and this track (from new album Future Famous) and video equal a damn good time. Goldilocks also kills it as a live performer… check them out when you can!

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John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask, “Nation of One”

Tiger King thespian and musical dynamo Mitchell reunites with Hedwig collaborator Trask for the first time in 20 years for this new recording, with a rollicking vibe that brings to mind Springsteen or Tom Petty, and that appears on Part 2 of Mitchell’s massive benefit album New American Dream. We dig the low-fi, B-movie splendor showcased in this video, care of Matthew Zanfagna and Gnosis–the pair who brought us Vegas Valentine’s brilliant video for “Fathoms” back in May.

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Mel Lennon, “Werk”

A sexy, fashionable, house down boots live performer, Mel also records soulful, intricately intelligent songs. This debut video is for a pretty fierce, fast and fun rap with on point choreo. And where is this filmed??? I want to go there. Mel Lennon is one to watch out for, children!

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Priyanka, “Come Through” (feat. Lemon)

Drag Race Canada’s first winner won us all over with her delightful personality and sharp looks, and now she’s giving us all that in music video form! Includes a fun feature from Canadian-New York debutante ballbreaker (and scene-stealer) Lemon.

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Scarlet Envy, “Is It Me?”

Another RuGirl with a dancy track! We like this one though–it playfully sends up her “dramatic” persona on the show (which, really, she wasn’t that… those hos just couldn’t handle her). Scarlet is collaborating with local queer country artist Paisley Fields on much of her original music, and we’re here for all of it. Also, she’s such a stunning video vixen in her “grandma love letter” dress and all these retro looks, so we sort of can’t deal…

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Victoria Williams “Me Against the Music” (Cover)

Our local current reigning Miss Rockbar’s fun cover of a Britney track (with a cute video filmed in Rockbar itself) has literally freed Britney this week.

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Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

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Listen to these songs and many others on Freddie Cosmo’s live BBox Radio show “Redifine Radio” (Friday @9:30 on Twitch), archived here.


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