THOTify Music Monthly – October/November 2021

Alaska, “Beautiful (Night 4 a) Breakdown”

We’ve really been enjoying the Drag Race All-Star’s latest collection of singles, which feature key elements rarely heard in RuGirl releases: melody, lyricism and form! This track’s giving us some disco drama (while another recent drop, “Wow,” is a pop punk / emo banger). Also, if you found yourself saying “Alaska should just put our beautiful local superstar Boy Radio in every video” the last time around, we think she might’ve heard you.

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Aris with Coby Koehl, “Become Love” (Official Audio)

Coby’s one of our scene’s most gifted singers, and he lends his chops here to a rising star’s track with shiny, churchy results.

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Brandon James Gwinn, “Black Nail Polish”

Local pianist, recording artist and Trixie Mattel collaborator Brandon is really showing off his chops with his solo release BULLIT, including this country fried rocking ode to a breakfast for nighltife champions.

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Christopher Ambrose, “Angry” (Official Audio)

A producer for and collaborator with many in the local music scene, it’s always exciting when Christopher drops music of his own. His recent release Work of Art is a pristinely polished pop dream, and we’re into the slinky soaring crescendo of this particular track.

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Freddie Cosmo, “Olly Olly Oxen Free”

With The Disco King of New York’s releases, you’re either going to dance and bop or vibe and groove, although sometimes–like here–you may do a little of both. Get into Freddie’s new album The Harvest his newly published book and his weekly show Redifine Radio.

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Danielle Cardona, “Amor” (Official Audio)

A cool, bilingual pop track from an established cool lady on the scene (produced by another cool lady, Jen Urban); we can’t wait to see Danielle live again!

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Danny Blu, “Violence”

Glam nominated this year for Best Bartender, The Q’s Danny Blu also has a prolific music career. Known for a throwback industrial sound, his latest song and video offer up Danny at his best: glamorously gothic, beautifully bloody and every other type of sexy.

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Honey Davenport & Manila Luzon, “Love is God” (feat. Electropoint)

New York queen and Drag Race alum Honey has largely been a West Coast star as of late, but that’s where the magic happens after all! Like this energetic track “Love is God” (from her forthcoming EP of the same name) that features a verse from RuLegend Manila and a gorgeously, colorfully directed video from Evan Zampella.

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Islaya, “It’s In The Name”

I mean, it is! Here’s a “bitch track” from one of New York’s newest and fiercest (yet nicest–omg that laugh in the beginning) queens that makes for a perfect “get ready to go to the club and be a star” anthem.

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Jack Tracy, “Daddy Made It”

It’s not easy to describe Jack’s sound beyond “music to bang to.” His videos generally support this description with glimpses of sexy skin, writhing motion, deft choreo, leopard print, leather and faux fur. “Daddy Made It” checks all these boxes, plus offers appearances from folks in the scene like Ginger Ladd & Richard JMV.

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Josh Lumsden, “Love Me Back”

Although his coquettish wail harmonizes in perfect sync with his n0t listed bandmates to gorgeously cold and clubby effect, Josh’s voice also stands alone as a powerful R&B instrument. PS, where can we get the balloon chains from this expensive-looking video!?

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Josh Zuckerman, “Prey”

We don’t know too much about this Jersey-based artist yet, but he seems to have a long career in the recording and live performing biz. Like Danny Blu’s track, this throbbing single gives off a throwback industrial energy, and was one of the few true local Halloween-appropriate releases this year.

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J.R. Price, “Body Positive”

This single and video were released back in January (an acoustic version dropped more recently), but J.R.’s self-explanatory dance track is a particularly timely anthem for everyone during the holiday season.

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Justice LaBrave, “Strangers”

It’s certainly great to hear a darkly soulful, heavy rocker tear through the still waters of diva-inspired dance pop in queer New York’s music scene! Proving that there is room for everybody (but y’all still gotta step the fuck back), the leather / bear scene’s Justice will be one to watch in 2022.

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Leopold Nunan with Pietra Parker, “Ballin’ in Beverly Hills”

Brazilian-American multidisciplinary artist Nunan has a large following and solid musical reputation, so it’s really exciting to see our local queen Pietra (also Brazilian-American) throw down a verse in this vibrant track and radically Californian video.

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Marck Angel, “Justice” (feat. Splash T & losLAUREN718)

A sexy body with a smooth voice and a strong message… we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Marck and his featured collaborators.

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Mel 4Ever, “Big Tits (Whoopsie)”

Having just released her long-awaited EP Trannic Attack, new queer voice Mel 4Ever is using the proven production trends of new trans recording artists plus a sharply honest point of view all her own to create a vital, raw and wildly fun sound.

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Victoria Williams, “Blaqnificent” (feat. Honey Davenport)

Local drag hostess and former Miss Rockbar Victoria’s got a bunch of fun new songs for our streams, like this tribute to black excellence featuring a cameo and verse by Honey Davenport.

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Victoria Williams, “Lemonade”

Another new single from Ms. Williams, where the video’s comically messy intro skit (shot at Rockbar!) gives way to great costumes, edgy lighting and fierce choreography. Pour us more tea and lemonade, Ms. Victoria!

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Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

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