THOTify Music Monthly – June & July 2021

We took June off to concentrate on listing Pride events, so we have lots of new music to catch up with!

Antony Cherrie, “Divorce” (Original Audio)

Reminder: queer music doesn’t have to be a non-stop buffet of candy and poppers! Veteran musician and ginger hottie Antony recently premiered some new music at one of his favorite haunts Club Cumming, and here delivers a smart, sophisticated, bittersweet jangle with guitars, pianos, harmonies… you know, a real song!

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Brandon James Gwinn, “Cristal Conners”

A fixture of the local piano bar scene, Brandon’s recent album BULLIT showcases a sly, sexy new collection of rock, reggae and country-flared original tunes. This first single is a jaunty tribute to the real hero of the camp classic smutfest Showgirls.

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Brett Oosterhaus with Debby Holiday & Chris Pierce, “Love & Beats” (Official Audio)

This rousing new beat-heavy beast from prolific, old school vocal house guru DJ Oosterhaus and friends is enough to make circuit queens from far and wide chomp at the bit in excitement for the next rave.

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Chola Spears, “Cancelled” (Official Audio feat. Aria Derci)

Quirky comedy queens Chola and Aria deliver an ode to gay social media’s favorite pastime… and it genuinely slaps!

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Colton Ford, “UNITY” (Spin Sista’s Club Banger)

Veteran porn fave Colton drops a fun Pride club ditty, complete with a cute video featuring a multigenerational cast.

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Cory Alexander, “I Wanna Go”

Cory’s soaring vocals are tailor-made for SixFoot 5’s sharp-yet-dreamy pop production, and this colorful video also showcases his edgy, androgynous, high fashion look.

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Danielle Cardona, “You Drive Me Crazy” (Official Audio)

Brooklyn indiepop heroine Danielle drops a smooth and slinky cover of our #FreeBritney Messiah’s 90’s pop hit.

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Drew Who, “I Wish I Knew (What 2 Do)”

The sensual swagger of this new Latin-flavored mid-tempo track reminds us of the best of Enrique Iglesias. Bonus: per this video, Drew rocks a pair of leather pants like few others can. Bonus Bonus: the rhymey artist name / song title!

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Dyllan White, “Shhh! I’m Hot!” (Garrus Remix)

It was a sad day when Bar Babe Dyllan’s original video for “Shhh! I’m Hot!,” a master class of shirtlessness, disappeared off of YouTube! Fortunately a new version of the video returned this summer complete with slick, club friendly remixed audio care of DJ Garrus. Bask in the ambiance all over again!

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J’royce Jata, “Wasted”

“Horny, high and heartbroken” is a vibe that we all get a little more than we might like to admit, and J’royce provides the soundtrack for that moment. Queer pop doesn’t often take us on starkly fuzzy, self-reflective journeys, so it’s a real blessing to have this artist leading the way. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the foreboding fetish glamour of this “what if Cuckoo’s Nest was a sex dream” clip, featuring drag performance artist God Complex mirror dancing with Jata.

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Jack Tracy, “Prince”

Gurl, how expensive does this video look!? We’re big fans of Jack’s level of production that he puts into his music and visuals, and this latest Pride-themed ode to unflappable queer love is a crowning achievement.

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James Patterson, “Just in Case” (Official Audio)

Deep disco house grooves that hit the sweet spot just right, care of iconic DJ JPatt.

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Jan, “Jantasy”

Um, how did she not win the Drag Race All-Stars talent show with this? Whatevs, now Jan has the perfect showstopper for her live shows. And tea: despite her reputation for overcheerful pep, doesn’t this sound a little like a Disney villain (or at least antihero) anthem? We stan, Jan!

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Jan, Alaska & Peppermint, “(Put Your) Gay Hands Up”

A suprisingly uncheesy Pride anthem care of RuPaul’s favorite peppy punching bag, who shows us once again that her own bag of talents may be too big for the narrow scope of a televised drag competition. It’s fun see Jan joined here by the show’s fan favorite weirdo Alaska, as well as NYC’s true Queen of Pep… Pepp. The video’s filmed, of course, at 3 Dollar Bill!

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Kyle Motsinger, “Retro”

Known for the flare and bravado of his live shows, local vocalist and recording artist Kyle doesn’t disappoint with this sonic and visual ode to vintage shopping and Pop Culture Past.

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Lauren Flax, “Out of Reality” (Official Video feat. Alejandra Deheza & Adele Stein)

Known for dark, soaring atmospherics in her sets and original compositions, DJ Flax is gorgeously on brand here with an electric / symphonic soundscape that’s both stark and bittersweet. Very cool, gothic-urban decay-sensual video, too!

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Luxx Noir London, “Non-Stop”

It’s been really exciting watching this stunning young Jersey queen subtly shift her focus to recording original club bangers. Luxx reminds us with this latest blissful dancepop release that she has a great ear for hooks, and we can’t to see (and hear) what comes next.

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Michael Miguel, “Chuku Chuku”

The wickedly sexy Atlas Social Club bartender dropped a Latin flavored bop with a pansexual-approved video featuring horny ladies dancing and Boomer Banks shoving hot dogs down Michael’s throat. Need we say more?

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Mike Taveira, “Switch”

Ex-bartender at Pieces and Hardware Mike returned to NYC from his new home city of LA for a recent visit, and performed this new tune at a few venues. Proving that he’s got true popstar power as both a vocalist and a sleeveless white tee wearer, this video slaps with color and throbs with a poppier vibe then some of his previous, more moody melodies.

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n0t listed, “Close My Eyes”

We were honored and delighted to feature the live debut of this exciting trio at our recent Night of 5000 Thots kiki–Josh Lumsden, Leo Henry and NYC nightlife legend Kayvon Zand wowed the crowd with their vampiric stage presence, haunting harmonies and frosty-funky club beats. Now here’s their very colorful video loaded with some very ferocious club looks (category is: Eyes on Eyes on Eyes), and before you know it… n0t listed have crept their way into our collective subconscious. We want more!

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Peppermint, “Here For It”

Try not to smile and bop at least a little for this latest sweet offering from one of New York drag’s most proven and accomplished entertainers, and one of Drag Race’s most engaging personalities. Pep throws every late 80s’-early 90s throwback sight and sound you ever wanted into this clip that clocks just a little over three minutes, from keyboards and strappy leather coats to fish eye lens POVs and limo rides down palm-lined Cali streets.

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The Rosé, “The Devil in the Details”

Producer Sixfoot 5’s joyful, sugary signature sound is all over this track, and compliments Rosé’s strong, (frankly somewhat underrated) vocals quite well. Here’s a tune I’ve actually heard in a few local bar playlists, and it mixes perfectly with chart topping mid-tempo and dance hits. PS, OMG I love Rosé’s jacket in this video! PPS, I know we all knew this already, but how handsome and at ease is De-dragged Rosé in the spotlight here!? I think she may be the first RuGirl I’d be perfectly happy to see leap straight onto a non-drag platform without me having to undergo much of a mourning / transition period.

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Tina Burner, “Ladies Who Lunch”

Tina has one of the largest personalities and stage presences in New York drag, which is saying a lot. No matter how well she would go on to do on her recent turn at Drag Race, there was no way a little TV screen could contain the roaring forest fire that is Ms. Burner. So, it’s not surprising that her first act as a grad-Ru-ate was to release a collection of bawdy, brassy covers of Broadway standards care of producer Blake Allen, where she starts every song at a 10 and from there just rips the nob right off the level. I’m sure Michelle Visage would advise her to reign it in a bit more, but Tina Stans wouldn’t have it any other way! This fun clip has her belting the drag-essential Sondheim bitter bitch anthem surrounded by a sisterhood of High Society drag dames.

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Thomas Cole with EJ Garlands, “Cringe” (Official Audio)

Club Cumming chanteuse Elia J. “EJ” Garlands joins forces with model and actor Thomas Cole for a cute bop that lyrically turns out to be a surprisingly poignant study of friendship, fashion and fabulous f*ggotry.

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Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

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