THOTify Music Monthly – August 2021

Summer is nearly over, but the queer pop / hip hop / disco sound beats on!

Cory Alexander “Honey, While Away”

With a new spacy, airy, textured pop single that bears the developing signature sound of this singer and his producer SixFoot 5, Cory is definitely skipping further to the front of the line in the queer indie pop scene.

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Freddie Cosmo “The Harvest” (Official Audio)

We’re getting that 90s deep house and classic hip hop vibe in this track that makes us long for our flashier, dancier Nightlife Past. But still, Freddie’s got something new and fresh here… the “Redifine Radio” host will soon be dropping Redifine: The EP that promises to explore “queer blackness, spirituality and affluence,” and we are here for all of it.

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Jayse Vegas, “Feel Me” (Official Audio)

One of our big regrets about this column is starting it long after Jayse dropped The Gay Agenda (2019) with all its catchy, sexy / smooth dance tunes that rocked our playlists in the eyars since its release. Well, now at least we have a new Jayse track for the column, and it delivers! Specifically, it brings sultry beach party vibes just in time to enjoy the final hot summer days of 2021. We are betting on a really fun video for this.

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Kay Day feat. Murff Daddy Flexx, “Repeat”

This emo comedy rocker-that’s a thing, my grandchildren, right?–has actually become “gayjacent” more for her directing and videography work, which has put her on music video sets with drag queens and local queer pop stars (she directed a solid batch of Jayse Vegas’ videos, for instance). We stan younger musicians trying to keep rock alive, so we’re feeling Kay’s joyful, rollicking ode to stupid-fun bad habits, well-concluded with Murff’s rap verse.

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Kyle Motsinger, “You’re Missing Out” (Lyric Video)

Even a heartbroken response to a rejecting loved one still sounds life-affirming in the wheelhouse of this joy-spreading local singer-songwriter.

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Macy Rodman, “Rock N’ Roll Gay Guy”

Who doesn’t really want a rock n’ roll gay guy, though? Especially one that comes in the form of “Harry!” We like how Macy’s gravelly tones approach the song with comic irony like she does with most of her discography (if you’ve every seen her Caitlyn Jenner social media presence, you know Macy is never not in on the joke) , but there’s still a wistful longing that makes this relatable. Macy is a Brooklyn nightlife legend and has evolved in incredibly engaging ways as a musician… we can’t wait to hear the entirety of Unbelievable Animals album when it drops in September.

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Mel Incarnate, “About Fashion” (Original Audio)

A very new singer-songwriter and sister to another Brooklyn trans drag legend Charlene, Mel told us these song lyrics came from a place of frustration with a fashion photographer’s irritating comment to her. But what we have here is a fun synth-pop affirmation: “My body is my fashion.” Very exciting things are surely to come from this young performer.

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Mel Lennon & DAPAW, “Night Ends” (Official Audio)

We’ve caught a recent live performance of Mel Lennon, and must declare him to be something of a show stealer: both in his faaaaabulous stage presence and captivatingly soulful singing. There’s something very cinematic and polished in this collab with French artist DAPAW; the energy of the track draws you in, and it’s tailor-made for both the club and the afterparty.

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Senerio, “DIY” (Official Audio)

Senerio has already proven himself to be one of the fastest and most solid rappers on queer NYC stages, but here he shows a lot of range as a vocalist as well. When he declares “yeah, who needs the labels? This is the Do It Yourself Era….” that rings true if you know how hard-working and innovative Senerio is… he’s already produced so much incredible art and complex nightlife programming seemingly out of thin air.

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Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge, “The Delight”

We missed this fun disco track derived from the collaboration between performing artist Van Hechter and stalwart Stonewall DJ Chauncey when it dropped it July, but now that the pair is taking it on the road to a few local venues, it’s a good time to start dancing around to it.

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Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

Thotify Music Monthly Archives

Listen to these songs and many others on Freddie Cosmo’s live BBox Radio show “Redifine Radio” (Friday @9:30 on Twitch), archived here.


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