THOTify Music Monthly – February 2021

Launch! This monthly column will likely change and evolve in content throughout the year, but for now we just wanted to celebrate February’s music releases from local queer acts. We’ll include a THOTify Gaylist (Spotify) of everything listed here at the bottom!


AMAR, “Manifesto”

The French-born, avant garde dance pop artist is probably best known in NYC as a frequent cast member of Chauncey Dandridge’s “Freak Out” variety show in Stonewall. This stylish, 80’s inspired clip for the stark new single from Amar’s upcoming release Otto Dix is mostly black and white, save the shocking blue of AMAR’s mushroom hairstyle.

Released: Feb. 10 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Baby Yors, “Like a Gun”

This was technically a January release, but we’d be remiss to exclude this popular queer music artist’s rock-driven dreamscape. Moving in tandem to his English and Spanish lyrics, Baby gives us an erotic action ballet experience in the song’s stellar video.

Released: Jan. 15 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Bright Light Bright Light with Jujubee, “I Used To Be Cool” (Official Audio)

The Welsh born musician and Club Cumming DJ re-released this single from last year’s widely praised Fun City album, now featuring vocals from one of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most beloved crossover queens.

Released: Feb. 26 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

C-NTROVERSY feat. Michael M “Cancelled” (SYNES Remix, Official Audio)

Miami born, Webster Hall-era NYC club kid Michael M’s latest musical persona dropped some house bangers in 2020 and early 2021 that function perfectly as anthems of the moment. Here’s one that brings to mind that ubiquitous Daft Punk dirge while at the same time being its exact opposite, as remixed by fierce local house bear SYNES.

Released: Jan. 26 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Danielle Cardona, “Sabatoge” (Official Audio)

A co-producer (with Jen Urban) of the monthly live-music centric showcase “Torch” at Macri Park, Cher-haired songstress Danielle’s new single describing a doomed relationship is a cool slice of edgy synth pop.

Released: Feb. 25 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

The Dragon Sisters, “Hollywood” (Official Audio)

The pair has already proven to be Brooklyn nightlife’s most exciting new sister act of 2021, and their new album The Fine Print is a fully-realized cool-chic indie trap treasure that gifted our lives out of nowhere. Every track here is great, but if we can only pick one we’ll go with this bittersweet ode to celebrity (or, maybe, a eulogy to life before celebrity).

Released: Feb. 14 | Apple | Spotify

Flo-Pilot feat. Lucy Hall & Vegas Valentine “Perfect Vision”

Anointed the first ever Best Producer winner of this year’s premiere GiantFest Awards, Flo-Pilot’s jangly new hip hop-flavored pop track features the vocals of two of his best known clients, Lucy and Vegas. Plus the video features some hot tub action, which is precisely what our souls needed to experience in Covid February.

Released: Feb. 2 | Amazon | Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify

GarageDogs, “Space (for William S. Burroughs)”

Billy Hough has been keeping the vintage East Village boho rock spirit alive in queer and mixed NYC spaces almost single-handedly in recent years. GarageDogs is his family project (literally, it’s the Hough brothers), and this latest single (which might be an ode to the titular legendary beat poet junkie) and video is kind of giving us Pogues / Elvis Costello on the Bowery vibes, which we love.

Released: Feb. 24 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Jack Tracy, “Love Yah”

The debut single of an intended March collection, web series star and NYC nightlife sexyman Jack presents a hopeful party anthem celebrating our future post-Covid lives (by March it will be even closer to reality, God willing). Normally known for an almost industrial sonic edge with BDSM visuals, “Love Yah” is actually just a breezy, fun tune with a Covid compliant video that boast a hilarious bit by Sherry Vine to start things off.

Released: Feb. 12 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Lagoona Bloo, “Greedy With My Love” (Lyric Video)

Although her sisters Jan and Rosé have both been on RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s now Ms. Bloo who is the first member of Stephanie’s Child to release original music. This track’s pristine production compliments Lagoona’s dynamic pop vocals. Can’t wait for the full video to drop!

Released: Feb. 14 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Robert Garcia, “In Love”

After 2019’s EP BoyGirl turned some heads and moved some bodies, the androgynous Mx. Garcia (best known in NYC as fellow live singer Jayse Vegas‘ co-host for several parties and showcases across town) dropped this sultry new mid-tempo bop. And she’s looking snatched AF in this video!

Released: Feb. 14 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Vegas Valentine “Red Neon Light”

February’s been a prolific month for this young, theatrical performer. He describes this track from 2019’s Nocturne as a “surreal dreamscape illuminated by an obscured light in the distance,” and it definitely gives us all the sexy / gloomy feels we need when we go down our 80’s synth-goth rabbit holes. Bi-coastal Drag Race alum Honey Davenport directed its accompanying slick and sexy video (nudity! bondage! leggings!) which ends in a twist of sorts.

Released: Feb. 14 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

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