THOTify Music Monthly – April 2021

April offered a number of eclectic tracks for our queer ears, courtesy of NYC nightlife’s finest and beyond.

Aja, “Tough Love” (Official Audio feat. GESS)

A bit more ominous and aggressive then their mournful last single, the first word of this song title is dominant as ex-RuGirl Aja raps lyrical hellfire around singer GESS’s starkly defiant hooks.

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AMAR, “Low Key” (Official Audio)

The French born discopunk’s latest single bounces and swoops through all the bloops and bleeps, giving us equal opportunity to bop and chill. AMAR’s full album Otto Disco is now finally available for mass consumption.

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Babyangel69, “Cruel Intentions”

Local shutterbug Eli Schmidt directed this potent, colorful clip for Babyangel69, a sexy indie artist who’s performed in local venues like The Rosemont.

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Luxx Noir London, “Round and Around” (Official Audio)

The relative newcomer to Jersey drag has already proved herself to be a makeup prodigy and a deft lip syncher, so it’s almost not surprising that her first actual single slaps. “Round and Around” is a pristine dancepop track that’s almost tailor-made for a RuGirl’s “I have finally arrived” post-show moment, so it’s fitting that this rapidly rising star is already there.

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Paisley Fields, “Stay Away From my Man”

“On the range, we don’t get jealous… we get naked.” Sold! NYC’s country artist Paisley Fields keeps the twang unapologetically queer in their latest boot stomper. The track’s slick video gives us all the transparent lace and neon frill we ever wanted, not to mention sexy star turns from iconic porn stud Boomer Banks and Face Off contestant Toni Reyes.

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Mitch Ferrino feat. Tamisha Iman, “Arrogant”

Having fun with RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13’s shadiest moment, local “Look Queen” producer and DJ Mitch Ferrino cements his status as a go-to RuGirl remixer alongside icons Adam Joseph and B. Ames (when he’s not straight up writing / producing original numbers for them). The S13 contestant responsible for the moment, legendary pageant mother Tamisha, has fun with it all as well with some added original lyrics. “Arrogant’s” brief video premiered on the otherwise mostly lackluster remote reunion ep, along with another Ferrino-produced track on this list. (Bonus: Mitch also made a separate version of this track for the target of Tamisha’s “Arrogant” rant, Kandy Muse.)

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n0t listed, “Close My Eyes” (Official Audio)

A longtime NYC nightlife producer and fashionable figurehead, Kayvon Zand backed away from the scene a few years ago to raise a family and run a modeling agency… but not before releasing some gloriously otherworldly musical and multimedia projects. And now’s he’s back, this time as part of a diverse musical trio alongside Leo Henry and Josh Lumsden with an even fresher take on dreamy, cosmic house-trance-pop. The group n0t listed dropped their debut single in November complete with a fantastically chic video, and here now is their equally arresting follow-up.

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Tina Burner, “Turn It & Burn It”

This is the second track on this list that Mitch Ferrino produced, whose video also premiered on the Drag Race Season 13 reunion ep. But unlike “Arrogant,” here is a fully original, very on-brand rap care of NYC’s favorite bawdy, brassy comedy hostess. In the clip, Tina enlists her much lauded palette of flame colors to ignite every flame, along with a squad of NYC drag favorites that we all squealed with joy to see on Drag Race: Bootsie LeFaris, Brenda Dharling, Chelsea Piers, Egypt, Kari Kerning, Holly Box-Springs and Yasmin Delano.

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Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

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