THOTify Music Monthly – March 2021

March’s queer popisphere was rattled right at month’s end by surprise lavender bang, courtesy of Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)“. At two minutes and eighteen seconds, the track is catchy enough: the standard bouncy metallic sprechgesang (that’s a word!) that dominates male vocal-driven pop these days. But it’s the slightly-longer video that has us all gagging, with its sendup of religious iconography featuring Nas as Adam/Eve having a romp with the serpent in Eden, then twirling down an epic stripper pole into Hell where he bottoms for Satan before killing / replacing him. It’s super fun! The gaslighters and pearl clutchers from conservative media are predictably Tweeting all their apocalyptic disgust, but almost as fun as the video itself is Nas’ hilariously succinct, brutally honest clapbacks across social media. It’s not an overstatement that this is a watershed moment for gay representation, and especially queer Black representation, in pop music.

Meanwhile on the local front, NYC nightlife musical crossover queerdos are keeping the beat alive with fierce sounds and visuals. There was a feast of


Aja, “21 Roads” (Lyric Video / feat. Katie Jobes)

Here’s a big lyrical departure for the New York based rapper, who seems to have had a personal rough go since earning their Drag Race Season 9 and All-Stars 3 fame, and then distancing themselves from both celebrity and drag itself. Originally bursting onto the music scene with rapidfire battle growls and high concept colorful videos, “21 Roads” comes from a wounded, darker, place care of this profoundly personal lead track from their upcoming new album. Aja ponders how to pick up the pieces of their broken dreams and wonders what comes next, but you get the sense that they hopeful for the next stage in their development. Props to Katie Jobes for some truly soring vocals in the chorus hook.

Released: Mar. 1 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Cory Alexander, “Run For Your Money (Work For It)”

Although he’s widely recognized as a Bowie lookalike, model and cabaret crooner Cory is giving us Tilda Swinton vibes in this clip, and we live! He also serves us a tasty slice of airy dreampop pie in this fun song, with a video that his him roller-skating through a lavish chateau (is this the Belvedere?). Work for it indeed!

Released: Mar. 9 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Eddie Wayne, “Instant Connection”

NYC’s true blazing bear of chill queer stoner rap, Rockbar’s pourmaster and HEFT host Eddie’s new track is Instantly catchy, and this extended video featuring some of the most monstrous (and real!) spliffs ever rolled is high holy, iconic entertainment.

Released: Mar. 2 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Jack Tracy, “The Feels”

Web series host and scenester sexyman Jack Tracy’s latest single is on brand: lusty R&B with an almost industrial vibe. The video is also one of his most gleefully racy… cute butts aplenty. Thank you, Jack!

Released: Mar. 12 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Lagoona Bloo, “Hands”

The blue third of the singing drag trio Stephanie’s Child hasn’t been on Drag Race yet like her sisters Jan and Rosé… but when she inevitably gets there, she’d have been on possibly the most reality TV competition shows than any other New York queen (see The Voice, America’s Got Talent and now Nailed It). In the meantime, she is breaking ground within that group already as she produces solid original solo music, including this sharp new single.

Released: Mar. 30 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Majorettes, “Run The Trip”

If you’re planning any dark, long sexy journeys, here’s your soundtrack care of a house collaboration for the ages: Nita Aviance and Will Automagic of the legendary DJ duo The Carry Nation, plus the amazing Justin Cudmore. Now signed to Major Records, hopefully we’ll get more major music from the Majorettes.

Released: Mar. 5 | Amazon | Apple | Spotify

Mila Jam, “Pretty One”

A poignant, lush and affirmative anthem from one of NYC’s most prolific trans recording artists, just in time for International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Released: Mar. 30 | Amazon Apple | Spotify

Stream all these songs on Spotify via Thotyssey’s THOTify Gaylist.

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