On Point With: Lady Havokk


Lots of drag queens in this city call themselves “unfiltered,” but here is one of the very few with an actual diagnosis to back up the claim. She speaks nothing but the truth, and she will slay you with fierce looks and numbers in the process. A veteran nightlifer who’s worked all over the city, she’s about to add “movie star” to her bucket list: bow before Lady Havokk!

Thotyssey: Greetings, Lady! I was wondering how you enjoyed your recent experience at the Mr(s) BK prelim.

Lady Havokk: Awesome! I always have fun doing drag. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been doing drag for nine years–if there is an opportunity for me to go out and showcase my talent, I’m going to go for it. At the prelims, I gave it my all and I didn’t win. But everybody enjoyed my number and my Q & A.

As a queen with a long career, what are some things you noticed that have changed about the business of drag since you started?

There are many things that have changed. Mainly, more and more people are doing drag. Which is amazing, but (and I don’t want to sound like a bitch, because it will sound like me being a bitch), sometimes I feel that there are too many queens. It’s just really hard for someone like me to get noticed anymore, so sometimes i do crazy shit–like, while performing, hanging onto a rafter and then breaking that rafter.


Werk. One way you do literally stand out: before I met you in person I always assumed you’d be tiny for some reason… but in heels you’re taller than me! Is being tall a good thing or a bad thing in drag?

I don’t think it matters if you are tall, short, skinny, fat, black, white, a woman or a man, old, young… you do drag because it’s fun and awesome. You don’t have to do drag for a job, you can literally just go out, throw a look together and go dancing.

I stand out from the crowd because I’m the only drag queen that I know with Aspergers Syndrome, which is a higher functioning form of autism.

What was your reason to enter drag… what did you wanna do with it in the beginning?

I actually never wanted to make this my career. I literally started just going out for fun so I could get into clubs for free and drink for free. But then someone told me I should make this my career, and really get focused into it.

Before I was Lady Havokk, my name was Lady Seryana Flux. I started my drag in the kiki ballroom scene.

That scene is a lot about fierce looks and adding to the mood of the room. Do you remember what your first number was when you first started actually performing?

The first time I actually ever performed was like 7 or 8 years ago, and it was at Sugarland and TnT in Brooklyn. I took a 1:30 train all the way from the Bronx to come and perform early Gaga for just a a couple of dollars and some drinks.

What inspired your drag name? 

My drag name comes from Lady Gaga and the X-Men character Havok,


By the way, does your unfiltered personality by way of Aspergers ever get you into trouble in nightlife? Like when you’re clocking queens, or maybe customers?

The quickest answer would be YES. Like, all the time. People find me a lot to handle. But I guess that’s why people love me (sometimes), because I’m not afraid to say what I feel. But then sometimes I just won’t shut up! #SHUTUPLADYHAVOKK

I watched a live feed you did once where you ran after this cab driver who wouldn’t stop for you while you were in full drag in dailight hours, and you went OFF on him! He had it coming. So, people who know you probably know better than to start shit with you, right?

Hahahahahaha OMG that was a funny live feed! But yeah, don’t start shit with me, ‘cause you’ll lose. Or you’ll just stop talking, because I get really loud and really crazy!


With some bitches you just gotta! So okay, you are a Massachusetts native, right? Did you have a little gang of friends growing up, or was it extremely tough being a gay kid with Aspergers?

Well, I was born in Massachusetts and I did have a couple of friends. But I moved to Connecticut when I was ten, and it was a difficult change to a new state and new school. But I did make a couple friends.

Then I started smoking and hanging out with all the “cool kids” (at that time I thought it was cool) at the smoking tree outside the school, and they had my back, me being a gay kid with Aspergers.

But no, it wasn’t easy at all. High school was the worst for me, but having really close friends helped. If I didn’t have Kat, Kevin, CiCi, ReeRee, Dinner and Booty, I’m not sure what I would have done.


Well, you’re certainly stronger from itall  now! You were an early contestant in the seminal “So You Think You Can Drag?” competition, right? How did you enjoy that experience?

I was in season 2 and season 3, because in the early seasons [it was more common to do more than one cycle]. I had a fabulous time competing in them. It helped my drag and performance style a lot.

And did I hear that you once had a show at Splash with Thorgy and Kizha Carr? I heard stories about what it’s like working in that place!

[Laughs] Yeah, I originally started working there with Thorgy on Fridays for F Word Fridays, and then the management brought me and Kizha and a couple other queens to try out a Sunday party… but that didn’t work. I had some of the best times working at Splash!

You’re more associated with Brooklyn these days. Did that just kinda happen on its own, or are you drawn to the Brooklyn side of things?

I’ve always been drawn more to the Brooklyn crowd, but I love going out and doing things in Manhattan as well. But I definitely feel more of a connection to the art and drag that is happening in Brooklyn. i feel that in Manhattan, you just see the same queen over and over and over again: same makeup, same numbers. But at least there we have parties like On Top, where you walk into the room and it’s filled with magical creatures.


What’s your favorite number to do right now?

My favorite number to do right now…  hmmm… I would have to say it is my Mr(s) BK mix that I did with the song “Wreak Havoc” by Skylar Grey.

And how would you describe a Lady Havokk performance for someone who may not have seen one before?

A high energy performance, filled with comedy, alcohol and sex! And maybe a little terror!

Let’s talk about some gigs, and I’ll start with one you’ve been doing for awhile now: the monthly Alotta Stuff auction at Metropolitan Bar! That usually features hosts Thorgy & Alotta McGriddles auctioning off drag items and other loot. You and Untitled Queen model the items; what’s it like to be a fabulous runway model?

I love being a runway model–it’s fun! Alotta Stuff has been going on for five years, and I love doing it all the time with Untitled as my model sister.

Have you ever bid on anything yourself?

Oh, I always do. My closet is filled with Alotta Stuff auction items!


So, I take it last RuPaul’s Drag Race season you were Team Thorgy, obvs! Did Brooklyn explode when she was sent home?

Of course I was team Thorgy, but I was also Team Bob and Team Acid. And yes, Brooklyn was so upset when she got sent home.

Speaking of Acid Betty, she’ll be filling in for Thorgy for the March 16th installment of Alotta Stuff! Do you know her well?

I’ve known Betty for years… I’ve been to the same parties as her I’ve talked with her. I wouldn’t say I know her well, but we are friendly with each other and have hung out before. When I was in Pittsburgh, Betty was also there and we hung out in and out of drag. And I’m very exited for her to be filling in for Thorgy for Alotta Stuff.

[Update: Actually, both Thorgy and Acid will be there co-hosting with Alotta on March 16th!]


And this Saturday, you’ve got a gig coming up at the Rosemont in Brooklyn. You’re hosting and performing at the Torch party, with DJ Cindy Kim and some others.  What’s that night gonna be like?

Yes, I’m very excited to be performing and hosting this party. It’s also [singer/songwriter] Danielle Cardona’s birthday party. It’s gonna be a really, really fun night.


I haven’t been to the Rosemont yet, but that seems to be where everything is happening now. Do you think it’s gonna be the new TnT?

I hope that it will be. There are a bunch of new awesome places opening up in Brooklyn, like the Deep End, which is a restaurant / bar run by Jorge (who also does the party Otter Box.

And I know you’re playing a role in the much buzzed, in-development indie slasher film Killer Unicorn! How’s that going?

It’s going amazing. It was so so so much fun to film, and be a part of.

I honestly can’t wait to see it! I understand there are a lot of satisfying death scenes of Brooklyn nightlife celebrities. Have you seen the full script, or just your scenes?

Oh yeah there are plenty of awesome satisfying deaths. And I have read the full script, so I know how everyone dies. I personally love my death.


Annnnnnd right back to Drag Race! Who are you rooting for Season 9?

I’m Team Aja and Team Sasha, or I’ll just say “Team Brooklyn.”

Okay, last question: what is a thing that other drag queens do that pisses you off the most?

Ummm, I don’t know! I guess… I really hate it when queens don’t know the words to a song. That makes me really mad. Like, you have one job… why don’t you know the words!?

That makes us all mad! Thank you so much, Lady!


Lady Havokk models for the Alotta Stuff auction/runway show monthly on third Thursdays at Metropolitan Bar (9pm). Click here for other upcoming appearances. Follow Lady Havokk on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

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