On Point With: Rara Darling

A relative newcomer to both NYC and drag-tinted burlesque, the young Rara Darling has already established themselves as a major player in the nightlife scene. And with a new installment of the much-celebrated Snack Theatre–co-created by Rara just a few months ago–underway, the future of drag and burlesque performance might be revealing itself at last.Continue reading “On Point With: Rara Darling”

Wednesday (7.17.2019)

WEDNESDAY (7.17.2019):  Icon Project presents a night of punk rock and drag at the VNYL; Senerio’s birthday show at Offside Tavern features Jayse Vegas, Robert Garcia, Will Sheridan, Dezi 5 & more; Jacklynn Hyde & Audrey Phoenix’s new show premieres at Icon; Kandy Muse & Mini Horrorwitz serve CAKES at Metro; and more! UPTOWN /Continue reading “Wednesday (7.17.2019)”

Tuesday (7.16.2019)

TUESDAY (7.16.2019):  Catch Thotyssey on the judge’s panel at Stonewall for a special Broadway edition of Polish the Queen! Meanwhile: Rosé hosts the happy hour show at Hardware, Maddelynn Hatter joins Zeta Jones at ReBar, the Richard Cortez Jazz Quartet plays Club Cumming, and more! UPTOWN EVO LOUNGE: Enigma Tuesdays (8pm) BOXERS WH: Karaoke withContinue reading “Tuesday (7.16.2019)”

X-Rayed Sex: “Celebrating Pride With Sex Is Not A Sin”

*NSFW NSFW NSFW* By LeNair Xavier   Thotyssey presents a bi-monthly column by LeNair Xavier, a writer/poet who has worked in many levels of the sex industry, and has a lot to say about the social politics of sex, porn and sexual etiquette. LGBTQ Pride for many is highly politicized. Especially this year with it being theContinue reading “X-Rayed Sex: “Celebrating Pride With Sex Is Not A Sin””

Monday (7.15.2019)

MONDAY (7.15.2019):  Miz Cracker joins Tina Burner & company for the first anniversary of SHOWS at Industry; Alexis Michelle is with Sherry Pie at ReBar; Boudoir LeFleur is the DIning Diva at Cherry’s, along with Jennica McCleary, Jesse Luttrell  & Gilda Wabbit; Will Sheridan & Boy Radio take over Metro; and more! UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm)Continue reading “Monday (7.15.2019)”

On Point With: Jacklynn Hyde

Whether she’s serving you booze in the bar, veggies in the kitchen or fish on the stage, this talented queen has taken over Astoria… next up, the world. From Bar Babe to Babe Babe, it’s the one and only Ms. Jacklynn Hyde! Thotyssey: Jacklynn, hello! Congrats on surviving the Great Hell’s Kitchen / Midtown BlackoutContinue reading “On Point With: Jacklynn Hyde”

Sunday (7.14.2019)

SUNDAY (7.14.2019): Gloria Swansong performs as Judy Garland at Stonewall, followed by Fifi DuBois’ Invasion; Pixie Aventura gives shows on the Dream Hotel rooftop and later at Barracuda; newly announced “Dragula” star Maddelynn Hatter is at the Ritz & Macri Park; Dezi 5 & friends perform a Beyonce album in its entirety at The Vault;Continue reading “Sunday (7.14.2019)”

Saturday (7.13.2019)

SATURDAY (7.13..2019):  It’s finally time for NIGHT OF !000 THOTS, Thotyssey’s anniversary which this year is also Honey Davenport’s Beechman show afterparty… see tons of your favorite nightlife performers on the stage at Pieces!   UPTOWN / BRONX CROTONA PARK: Bronx Pride (11am-7pm) BOXERS WH: DJ Nesto feat. Egypt (10pm) SUITE: Octavia Anyae (11:30pm) WEST END: TBAContinue reading “Saturday (7.13.2019)”

Wake Up, Bitch! (7.13-14.2019)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BLUE WHALE (FI): Voss Events brunch with Bootsie LeFaris, Epiphany & Jada Valenciaga BOXERS HK: Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch CHERRY’S ON THE BAY (FI): Brunch CROTONA PARK (BX): Bronx Pride Festival & Health Fair DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch KASHKAVAL GARDEN (HK): Brunch withContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (7.13-14.2019)”

Friday (7.12.2019)

FRIDAY (7.12.2019):  Blew Velvet performs for the season closer of  HARDER at 3 Dollar Bill; Honey Davenport & Members Only Burlesque at the Beechman; a Christmas in July drag show at the West End; Switch N’Play at National Sawdust; Ariel Italic’s birthday at Broolyn Nazaar; Petti Cake’s new night at Icon; A Village Raid spinsContinue reading “Friday (7.12.2019)”

Thursday (7.11.2019)

THURSDAY (7.11.2019):  It’s Thotyssey bloglord Jim’s birthday edition of Thot Mess Thursday at ReBar, hosted by Viva Vidalia! Meanwhile: Honey Davenport premieres “Raw & Unfiltered” at the Beechman; the FCGN nudist party returns to Rockbar; Brolesque strip off at Cherrys; Serena Chacha joins the cast of QUEEN at Industry; a new Wallbreaker benefit show atContinue reading “Thursday (7.11.2019)”

On Point With: Mr Ms Adrien

Originally an established and beloved drag star of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Mr Ms Adrien left it all behind for a fresh start in NYC just a few months ago. Today she talks to Thotyssey about the joys and perils of starting over, the differences between Florida and New York drag, and how she survivedContinue reading “On Point With: Mr Ms Adrien”

Wednesday (7.10.2019)

WEDNESDAY (7.10.2019): House of Vogue returns to the House of Yes; Kandy Muse joins the cast of OOPS at the Rosemont; it’s Petti Cakes’ final Wednesday show at Icon; and more! UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) WEST END: Selma Nilla (9pm); Lagoona Bloo (9pm) TBA BOXERS WH: Brita Filter & Rosé TBA with DJ Jon ALi (11pm) HELL’SContinue reading “Wednesday (7.10.2019)”

Night of 1000 Thots Last Update!

UPDATE (7.9.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Ritzy Bitz & Boudoir LeFleur!   UPDATE (7.8.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Avant Garbage & Mr Ms Adrien! UPDATE (7.7.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Junior Mint, Lacy Stoner & Will Sheridan! UPDATE (7.6.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Marcel, Foxy Scamazon & Vegas Valentine! UPDATE (7.5.2019): Announcing into the lineup: AriContinue reading “Night of 1000 Thots Last Update!”

Tuesday (7.9.2019)

TUESDAY (7.9.2019):  Yuhua Hamasaki guest hosts Gay College Tuesday at the Ritz; Jasmine Rice fills in at Therapy; Gay Geeks of New York trivia night at Rockbar; lesbian night at 3 Dollar Bill; and more! UPTOWN EVO LOUNGE: Enigma Tuesdays (8pm) BOXERS WH: Karaoke with Sucia (9pm) ALIBI: Take It Back Tuesdays (9pm) SUITE: Divinity BanksContinue reading “Tuesday (7.9.2019)”

On Point With: Foxy Scamazon

Thot Mess Thursdays’ twice-a-month in-house queen is a boobalicious, funny fashonista who has come to slay as well as play. Thotyssey finally gets the T on where Foxy Scamazon came from, and where she is taking us. Thotyssey: Wazzup, Foxy! How are you doing today? Foxy Scamazon: My knees don’t hurt, so I think todayContinue reading “On Point With: Foxy Scamazon”

On Point With: Robert Garcia

The recording artist, beauty blogger and nightlife host has full androgyny and fierce starpower on the menu, and this weekend they’re serving a full banquet for a special Thotyssey event. Let’s get close and personal with Se[hora star Robert Garcia! Thotyssey: Hello Robert! Did you do anything for July 4th? Robert Garcia: Holaaaa! Yes, it wasContinue reading “On Point With: Robert Garcia”

Night of 1000 Thots Update!

UPDATE (7.8.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Avant Garbage & Mr Ms Adrien! UPDATE (7.7.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Junior Mint, Lacy Stoner & Will Sheridan! UPDATE (7.6.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Marcel, Foxy Scamazon & Vegas Valentine! UPDATE (7.5.2019): Announcing into the lineup: Ari Kiki, Catrina Lovelace & Misty Mountains! NIGHT OF 1000 THOTS is the annualContinue reading “Night of 1000 Thots Update!”

Sunday (7.7.2019)

SUNDAY (7.7.2019):  Aviances Kevin & Nita tonight for Birdcage at LeBain; Nicole Onoscopi Invades Stonewall; Edie James’ birthday showcase at Rockbar; Honey Davenport at Paradise; and more! UPTOWN / BRONX SOMM TIME: Game night with Charmagne Aultra (5pm) BOXERS WH: DJ Max Damian (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN DREAM HOTEL: DREAMLAND (3pm) NOT TODAY HARDWARE: Brita FilterContinue reading “Sunday (7.7.2019)”