On Point With: Foxy Scamazon

Thot Mess Thursdays’ twice-a-month in-house queen is a boobalicious, funny fashonista who has come to slay as well as play. Thotyssey finally gets the T on where Foxy Scamazon came from, and where she is taking us.

Thotyssey: Wazzup, Foxy! How are you doing today?

Foxy Scamazon: My knees don’t hurt, so I think today is a good day so far.

I feel like you are doing something drag-related at any given moment, like putting a costume together or ordering boobs online. Is that the case right now?

Yes, I’m actually stoned and stoning right now. I’m working on my lewk for my Pieces gig on Saturday, and then I have to flat iron a blue wig for my ReBar gig on Thursday. I need an intern, lol!

We gotta get you one! By the way, I love that you have three Facebook accounts and two Instagrams. How did this happen?

Well, it was an accident, really. I had one account get hacked, so I started a new one. And then you always have to have a backup for when you’re in jail. Then one day, I logged into my old account and had access again, so I just kept it. Sometimes you just need another account to clap back with whenever someone petty blocks you.

Ha! You are an amusing social media personality… that’s what gets a girl’s name out there!

Right! Nobody got anywhere being boring. The bolder, the better. I like to leave an impression: good, bad–but just not indifferent.

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You certainly do leave an impression! So, the world wants to know: where’s your hometown, and what were your beginnings as a creative person?

Well, I was born in Alabama and raised in North Carolina. I remember as a gaybie stealing my cousins’ Barbies and designing sock dresses for them. Now I’m my own Barbie, but I’m doing a little bit better than sock dresses these days.

I’ve always had an interest in fashion. My Ma used to shop for us at Walmart, and when I became old enough to work I started styling myself. That led me to study fashion merchandising and image consulting at FIT. And now, I’m a drag queen, lol!

Lots of NYC queens came through FIT, were any in your classes?

I was the only dude in all my classes… it was so intimidating, lol!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

So, what inspired you ultimately to be Foxy?

A friend of mine had called me and was like, “I’m near your house and I have makeup. Lemme paint your face!” And I was just like, “okay, cool.” A few glasses of wine later, my face was beat and we were both gagging. At that moment, I knew what I needed to be putting all my creative energies into.

And how did you name yourself?

Oh man… with a lot of patience and trial and error. I remember I was Bitch Diamond, Shiva Sativa… I went through a few names. I landed on “Foxy” because I remember some guy in a bar telling me how foxy I looked, and I thought it was interesting because no one had ever used that adjective to describe me. I thought it was cute. “Scamazon” formed because I used to think Amazon was a scam.

It can be! By the way, I think it’s safe to say that you’re well know for your super realistic breastplates that look and move like real boobs. The pieces usually even go all the way up your neck under your chin, so you rarely need to hide the edge with jewelry. How did you become so Boob-centric, and where do you find them?

Well, I did a lot of research. I ultimately wanted to make sure I gave off the full illusion, and boobs help with that fantasy. Especially big ones. I found the original seller on Ali Express, and now a year later there are many sellers. If you click around, a few of them use my pics to advertise.

I bet!

bna1 (2)

I know you kinda got your start with the competitions like most queens, i.e. Polish the Queen at Stonewall and Open Call at the Ritz. Do you like doing those, or are they just a necessary evil?

You gotta get yourself out there, and this is just part of the gig ! I feel like I can compete more using my beauty and wits, versus splitting and dipping. I enjoy performing, though, and meeting all the new girls trying to claw their way up like me. It’s inspirational.

These days, you’re hosting–along with Marcel and Butchie–Thotyssey’s twice-a-Month ReBar rager, Thot Mess! Each night you serve a new look for the children, and do fierce numbers alongside visiting queens.

Oh my God I love it so much! It’s my first regular gig, so I’m always excited to show up and show out. I’m just glad that the audience receives me so well. Also, I love free booze!

Don’t we all! This Thursday, Viva Vidalia will be there for my birthday show. You performed with Viva for her show at the Vault (another Thotyssey production), Viva Variety! That was fun.

It was fun! I think my lil’ wardrobe malfunction made it all the more interesting for me. I’m always good for a lil’ improv!


And this Saturday I’m honored to have you as part of the lineup for Thotyssey’s blogiversary at Pieces, Night of 1000 Thots! Drag Race’s Honey Davenport is gonna be there performing, as the night will also serve as the after party to her Laurie Beechman Theatre show, Raw & Unfiltered. I’m excited!

So exciting! I get to strut my stuff around in front of some influential folk, and I want them to want what I’m serving. I’m just honored to have even been considered for the gig, considering all the queens this city has to offer. It’s humbling, but at the same time it’s low key feeding my drag ego, lol!

THOTS generic

Anything else coming up for you?

Yes! I just got booked for Christmas in July in the Bronx. It’s a family friendly event, so I’ll have to wear my small boobies. That’s coming up next Saturday. I’m also writing some original music, and of course stoning my life away. Commissions are open, by the way!

No photo description available.

Get that coin! Okay, last question: what’s the best thing about drag… and what’s the worst?

I’ll start with the worst. Drag queens are often treated as if our way of creative expression isn’t legitimate art, and with that a lot people will try and get around paying for our talents. We put blood, sweat and tears into this game, and I need everyone to recognize our positions in this community and in show business.

Now, the best part of drag is when I turn a perfect fantasy, and you see the stars in the eyes of the audience. I love how they always have questions, and how excited they are to see me and my boobies. It makes me so happy to be able to provide that kind of escape–if at least for a tiny amount of time.

You’re drag services are much appreciated! Thanks Foxy, see you Thursday and Saturday!

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Foxy Scamazon hosts Thot Mess at ReBar, generally first and third Thursdays (10pm). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for her upcoming appearances, and follow Foxy on Facebook, Facabook, Facebook, Instagram and Instagram.

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