THOTBeats: BabaShook!

In a new monthly column, Thotyssey will blow a load on a worthy new song single/video from queer nightlife, while revisiting a Re-gaggable throwback from yesteryear. Song: “BabaShook” (released June 30, 2017) Artist: Pissi Myles, a NJ-based drag queen that’s known for her song parodies, sharp off-color wit and being able to be in several citiesContinue reading “THOTBeats: BabaShook!”

On Point With: Mitch Ferrino

From hip hop dancer, to Monster bartender, to club DJ, to award-winning music producer… this guy has come far and done much. And now with the success of his production company with Bob the Drag Queen, the unending pleasure that is his hit single with Bob “Purse First,” and a new “Drag Race” musical collaboration aboutContinue reading “On Point With: Mitch Ferrino”

On Point With: Pixie Aventura

No doubt one of the city’s most exciting and beloved nightlife entertainers, this fierce dancing queen is also a staunch professional with very high standards. It only takes one night of watching the intensity of her her energy performance to realize why she’s gigging all over the city… including a major Halloween show that nightlifers everywhere areContinue reading “On Point With: Pixie Aventura”