On Point With: Dan Jiménez

This gogo bear has arrived, henny… Mr. Fire Island Bear 2017 and a Best Gogo Boy nominee from this past GLAM Awards presentation is becoming an event producer in his own right! Thotyssey hangs in the Man Cave of  Dan Jiménez! Thotyssey: Hey Dan! I know you must be busy getting ready for this summer’s Mr.Continue reading “On Point With: Dan Jiménez”

On Point With: Ariel Sinclair

She’s a longtime favorite entertainer of all seasons at Lips and Stonewall, but summer is when this queen’s star always shines brightest. Returning very soon to the Ice Palace on Fire Island for gigs galore, Ariel Sinclair makes a little time now for some exclusive sweet T with Thotyssey! Thotyssey: Hello there Ms. Sinclair, thanksContinue reading “On Point With: Ariel Sinclair”

On Point With: Angel Elektra

Living proof that true love can prevail in nightlife, this queen has been with her husband and fellow performer Shay D’Pines for twenty years! She’s been a welcomed presence in the pageant and Fire Island scenes, and has recently mended fences with her drag mom, beloved Cherry Grove entertainer Lavinia Draper. And now, she andContinue reading “On Point With: Angel Elektra”

On Point With: Busted

Is every onstage move she makes just a random flailing of hot messery, or an act of calculated comedic genius? Who can really say for sure–but she’s been entertaining the fuck out of us in NYC, Fire Island and beyond for nearly a dozen years now!  Hard at work with an upcoming stage show lampooningContinue reading “On Point With: Busted”

On Point With: Holly Dae

[photo credit: Davide Laffe] She’s the current showrunner of the celebrated drag revue Queen at Industry, and one of the most recognizable faces in nightlife today. A consummate professional and a hilarious and beloved entertainer, she hosts and performs all over the city (and the world), and she’s won more pageant titles than most queens couldContinue reading “On Point With: Holly Dae”

On Point With: Roxy Brooks

This gorgeous queen from Florida has mastered the art of “pageant fish,” but anyone who’s experienced her electrifying stage performances and delightfully charming demeanor first hand knows that she’s so much more than that. She’s a Brooks, after all, and that’s a high standard to be held to. Back in NYC after a long summer residencyContinue reading “On Point With: Roxy Brooks”

On Point With: Honey Davenport

  Does this New York City drag superstar even need an introduction? Probably not. But just in case, you should know that Honey Davenport (Sir-Honey no longer!) is truly a glorious entertainer, a fantastic singer and dancer, a pageant crown hoarder and a true nightlife artist. There are very few performers in the biz whoContinue reading “On Point With: Honey Davenport”

On Point With: Logan Hardcore

She’s been MySpace Famous, she’s roomed with Bianca Del Rio, she was featured on a short-lived cult web show, and she’s notorious for throwing a shoe. But chances are, if you go out in New York–and especially if you frequent Fire Island–you know her because she is one of the fiercest and funniest drag warriorsContinue reading “On Point With: Logan Hardcore”

On Point With: Kendra H Kinx

She’s been a drag queen for less then two years, but few can claim Fire Island residence more than Kendra H Kinx. She has performed there for nearly her entire career, starting with the ritzy Belvedere, and now at Cherry Grove’s Island Breeze. She’s probably having a better time than you are this summer, butContinue reading “On Point With: Kendra H Kinx”

On Point With: Susan Levine

Summer is the season of Queen Susan Levine, one of Fire Island’s most prolific and respected DJ’s. But on top of the several nights a week she spins at Cherrys and a few special gigs elsewhere on the Island, Susan’s got gigs in Manhattan, a stint with a Melissa Etheridge Cruise to prepare for, anContinue reading “On Point With: Susan Levine”