On Point With: Dahlia Sin


This candidate for New York nightlife’s “Thirstiest Thot” also happens to be a fierce-as-fuck drag queen. Forming the Haus of Aja in 2016 with three of her similarly f-a-f sister queens turned out to be the Ticket, and the Haus has been slaying ever since. Let’s get down and dirty with Dahlia Sin!

Thotyssey: Hi Dahlia, Happy New Years! I see that you and two of your Haus of Aja sisters, MoMo Shade and Kandy Muse, hosted the NYE kiki at Gold Sounds. How did it go?

Dahlia Sin: It was amazing! It was Horrorchata’s New Years Be Cute party, and it was so much fun. Had an amazing time performing with some great queens such as my sister Kandy Muse, Hannah Lou, Lady Quesa’dilla and Lucy Balls. We had an amazing show, kicking off 2017 and making sure this New Years Eve was going to be something to remember.

I’m glad it went well! But I saw that a different New Years Eve party in Brooklyn got shut down by the cops before midnight, which sucks. 

Yeah, I heard about that too. So many girls were talking about it at the afterparty. They said it got shut down around 11:30, so right before the new year. That had to have been crazy.

Do you find that the police have been a challenge to the Brooklyn nightlife scene this past year or so?

They have been carryin’ a lot. The police literally get in the way of everyone’s fun, just because they can. And the fact that it’s gay bars they target a lot makes it worse, because we already have a lot of our home bars closing within 2016. The fact that they target gay bars makes it harder for us to find places to just enjoy ourselves and enjoy this new year.


 Well, that extra shit aside… 2016 was a great year for the Haus! You gals were gigging everywhere, really big gigs! Did you ever think the Haus would stand out and be this successful, in a scene where there’s just so many drag queens?

Yes, 2016 has def been a great year for the Haus, and we’ve def come a long way. It started off with everyone introducing us as a joke, calling us “HAUS OF AJA.” And then we were like, “okay let’s go with it!” And from there on, it just blew up.

We didn’t know it was gonna be this big, but we were all such huge personalities and great drag queens separately, and we were already a family. So bringing all of us together as a HAUS was the only smart thing to do, and has been nothing but great since.


So, where’s your hometown?

I’m from Clarkson, a suburban town in Michigan. I then moved to Arizona where all my family lives, and I now reside in Brooklyn, New York.

What brought you to Brooklyn?

I met MoMo through Facebook five years ago, and then met Aja since they were boyfriends at the time. So I came to visit them, and ended up staying and becoming their roommate. You know, basically everyone’s move to New York!

They all come eventually! So, they were the ones who introduced you to drag?

[Laughs] yes, Aja put me in drag one night and we went out to an old party called Bathsalts hosted by Macy Rodman. I wore a banjii graffiti dress with a blue mermaid wig and Doc Martins. I was the best cross dresser that night. And from that day on, I’ve done drag ever since. It will be four years in August!

How did you pick your name, do you remember?

Yes! I got my the name Dahlia from the Black Dahlia, and Sin I got from the 7 Deadly Sins. I always loved dark beauty, and mixing a beautiful character with androgyny. I don’t want to look like a real woman, just my version of a “gorgeous” woman.

So, you would say you tend to drag towards the darker, femme fatale side of things?

Yes, of course! I could care less to look like a real female. I like having my “boy chest” out, but I’ll pair it with dramatic hips and have a pretty face. I like for anyone looking at me to question their sexuality. Like, “OMG she’s so pretty,” and then have you think, “Oh wait, that’s a man, but OMG I’m straight!”

I bet you and the Haus deal with mad chasers. How do you handle that?

I welcome all chasers [laughs]!


If you could describe your favorite type of number to do or performance to give, what would it be?

My go-to song is Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” I love the whole burlesque feel to a song. Sexy numbers are the best for me.

And what’s been your favorite group number to do with the Haus?

My favorite one has to be “Lady Marmalade.” we thought of the dance and who’s gonna sing what part literally within a few hours before the show, and pulled it off so good… it’s for sure my fav group number with the girls.

Which one were you? I’m gonna guess Mya, because I can visualize which of the other girls would be which!

Yes. Because each group number we do, we fit each character to each person… Mya ended up being me by default l[laughs]!


What’s been your favorite Haus gig so far? I have to say the Only Bloodbath looked pretty fun.

Yes Bloodbath was really fun. But our last Stonewall “Invasion” gig was really fun because in each one we get to do a variety of songs–five each, and then a few group numbers. So between the four of us, it can be from 22-25 numbers a night, and each number is a different costume change, and it’s a non-stop show. Very tiring, but so fun!

You all have done a few Invasions now, and you’ll be back this Sunday for yet another one! You obviously go down very well there. 

Yes we do!

Any talks of maybe having a more regular gig there?

It seems like it’s going to be a regular thing. We are surprised each time with another opportunity to do another

Excellent! Are you planning on debuting anything new this time around? Spoil us!

I wish I could but I’m the type of person who comes up with my numbers last minute, because I’ll always end up changing what I do!


Let’s also talk about about another event this weekend that the Haus is doing: Friday night’s The Carry at the Ace Hotel! It’s Aja’s birthday bash, and the Ki will be kawaii themed! Do you have your look planned out?

I just might… it’s a secret! Who knows I may go naked!

That would be something… Especially since I hear you’re manning the kissing booth! Will this be your first time doing that… and will you be using tongue each time?

Ahahah, first time ever! And if you’re tall, dark and handsome, you will get more then just tongue [laughs]! No, we will keep it PG… maybe.

Well, it is a hotel after all, there are beds upstairs.

So true!

What else do you think is gonna go down that night… as far as shows?

Should be kawaii night with a lot of looks. But as far as shows, you might expect a Melanie Martinez number out of me. Or who knows, maybe even something very K-pop!


So, congrats on all the Slammy nominations that the Haus got! Among other awards, most of you are up for “Thirstiest Thot!”

MoMo shade is not… she’s the only one in the HAUS who is vegan [laughs]!

May the best thot win! Okay last question… what was the Best Album of the Year?

Dangerous Woman!

Good answer! Thank you Dahlia, and have fun in the kissing booth!


Dahlia Sin and the Haus of Aja will host “The Carry” at the Ace Hotel on Friday, January 6th (11pm) and the Invasion at Stonewall on Sunday, January 8th (11pm). She can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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