Shoutouts! (December 2019)

Two things we must shower praise with before the year’s end:

1. JUNK, an indie musical comedy movie  (previously a stage play) that was directed, written and produced by Michael Penny. It stars Robbie Wayne and Tym Moss as gay frienemies who clean out a remote house in the woods where its last owner, a recluse who collected tons of vintage porn magazines, recently passed away. They bicker, they sing, they masturbate… sometimes all at once! JUNK is charming, insightful and surprisingly atmospheric (for being contained in a single space), and it’s musical numbers will stay with you. Plus, there’s an opossum! The film made it’s NYC premiere at the Cantor Film Center back on November 19 and is currently making the festival rounds, but hopefully it will appear soon back in a local theater or streaming service.


2. Jingle All The Way, a live holiday stage show at Green Room 42 with its final performance December 19th (7pm). It stars Paige Turner alongside Remy Germinario as Dante the Christmas Twink and James “Forever Carol Channing” Mills, and it’s just as delightful, goofy and hilarious as Paige’s previous offerings. There’s a dancing snowman, several bastardizations of Christmas carols, tons of pop culture references, and gentle jabs at local people and places that are always sweetened with a dab of self-deprecation. Get on board!



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