Shout Outs: Endless Night & Mad House!

We’re thoroughly enjoying the newly-released Endless Night, a collection of remixes of singles from Vegas Valentine’s recent EP Nocturne.  If you are feeling a gothy 80’s dance vibe Coronavirusing your soul and you need to get that soothed, young Vegas–who is currently tearing up all the NYC queer bars and clubs with his vampy, choreographed, glow-in-the-dark production numbers–has got what the witch doctor ordered. Resident remixers including Ike Ion, ZOMBË, SHA & OD Dabber inject some streetlight and crunchy disco into the glorious gloom of Vegas’ original tracks, and we’re particularly enjoying local Industrial Bear SYNES‘ take on “Red Neon Light.” But don’t take our word for it: download or stream Endless Night yourself on any of these platforms.


Parkside Lounge south of Houston is one of those old school venues that represent the best of historic East Village: counterculture, eclectic, exciting. A typical dive bar at first glance, proceed to the spacious cabaret-style stage nestled behind a black curtain and prepare to be unprepared. It’s the perfect spot for the return of Madame Vivien V, a longtime Brooklyn-based drag queen once known for incorporating actual pyrotechnics into Vaudville type stage shows, and is now a reputable designer who also produces a number of shows and nights at House of Yes (including a monthly drag competition she hosts). But on top of all that, Viv is just a great emcee… razor-sharp and wonderfully weird, she will take you on a journey that you will not want to end.

Vivien premiered “Madhouse,” a monthly variety show at the Parkside, on February 16th to a very mixed–but likely mostly straight–full house, and we were all a-gagging. Replacing fireballs with more sensible neon spheres that briefly functioned as tits and enchanting us with tales of drugs and pig farms, Madame is an alt-cabaret queen in the vein of Daphne Always and the great Justin Vivian Bond, but still very much her own intriguing self. With an eclectic trio of guests consisting of sexy burlesquer Vic Sin, illustrated comedy queen She’Knead ThisGig and a performance artist named Lord of Beef that I’m afraid you’ll just have to see to believe, Viv won the night and I can’t wait to come back for more. The next “Madhouse” is set for March 22nd.



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