On Point With: Ruby Tuesday

An “unpredictable” Brooklyn comedy queen and show producer, the hilarious Ruby Tuesday is here to serve Delusions and Kardashians to the masses!

Thotyssey: Hello Ruby! How are these final weeks of 2022 treating you so far?

Ruby Tuesday: Really good… been very busy with work and life.

Excellent! Well, beats the alternative, lol, Do you live in Brooklyn, if I may ask?

Almost. I’m in Ridgewood, Queens and I love it!

Ridgewood was just named, like, the coolest neighborhood in NYC now! Do you agree, or do you just wish the gentrifying meddlers would leave it alone?

I think Ridgewood is really cool, so I want to say both. But I’m not from Ridgewood; I’ve been here for seven years, so I’m just as much part of the problem. With that said, Ridgewood has an amazing community.

Where are you from originally, and what eventually put you on the drag path?

Plymouth, MA. I was always really into makeup growing up; I also was a theater kid and a dance kid. Then being in NYC when House of Yes first opened, I went through a club kid phase–doing special effects makeup, making my own outfits, etc.

Once the pandemic hit, I spent time practicing my drag makeup again. I was finally convinced by a friend to try [the Janelle No. 5-led drag competition] “Are You the Next Diva,” and never stopped.

How would you describe your drag today to the uninitiated?

I consider myself a drag producer as much as a performer. I’ve been producing drag shows for over a year now, and I want to produce shows that feel like a wild, fun party that’s a safe space for everyone, but also where they are going to see amazing shows that are never predictable! As a performer, I feel that Ruby is the pretty goof–she’s wild, she’s funny, and kind. She loves to make a mess. I love hosting!

Were you worried when you discovered that there’s an unusually high number of Drag Rubies in NYC, lol?

I didn’t really think about it. I just thought Ruby Tuesday was hilarious! I was really surprised I had never heard of a Ruby Tuesday queen before.

It is a great name! What’s your favorite number to do these days?

I have a Lea Michele mix, and an Anna Delvey mix I’m obsessed with right now.

Love that! Tell us about “Delusions,” a monthly show you do at Alphaville monthly with your sisters X-EmmaFreeda BlackmanPhoebe Bing Bong and Avery Badgirl! What’s it like, and when’s the next one?

Those girls are my sisters, we’ve been doing shows together for a year and a half now. Alphaville is an amazing venue: multi-room, big stage… similar to C’mon Everybody. I love delusion, and I think you have to have a level of it to be a drag queen. We center our numbers around that, and it’s just a big queer dance party all night! Also, they do $6 wells, all day every day. The next one is Saturday, January 21st!

On Tuesday you and all those gworls will be at another bar you’ve all frequently performed in, the Rosemont, for “A Kardashian Kristmas!” Tell us more!

Yes! So our Rosemont baby turned one. It’s been a crazy journey, and unfortunately we are taking a little break–The Kardashian Kristmas will be our last Tuesday show, for now. Kardashian numbers are funny, and we all get to pick a different sister… who doesn’t love that?

Also, we are using it as a fundraiser to help a dear friend of ours with their bills after losing their job. If anyone wants to donate, they can Venmo me @officialrubytuesday. I also thought it was a great juxtaposition: Kardashians being a fundraiser.

What else is coming up for you?

Right now, I’m doing a lot with work and really focusing on my “day” job. My career (outside of drag) is in nightlife, with some traveling. There’s lots of plans in the works, though. “Delusions” at Alpahville will continue every third Saturday of the month throughout next year. And Ruby will be coming back with a bang in the spring!

Very exciting! Lastly: what do you want for Christmas this year?

A Chili’s giftcard!

Thanks, Ruby!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Ruby Tuesday’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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