On Point With: Ruby Fox


This intensely high-energy dance queen and makeup magician has quickly become a favorite performer at the Rosemont, and all of Brooklyn, and beyond. But her journey started in the distant land of Alaska! Thotyssey joins the hunt with the enchanting Ruby Fox.

Thotyssey: Hey, Ruby! So, you guest performed for Magenta and Dove’s new show at the Gateway last night. I haven’t been there yet, how was it?

Ruby Fox: It’s was a great experience. All three of us produce killer shows, and I love the cozy atmosphere of the venue.

You are constantly performing in Brooklyn these days, I can barely keep track! How was “Be Cute” at Littlefield on Saturday?

“Be Cute” was amazing it was my first time gracing that stage, and Horrorchata’s events are always a kiki. Yes, I’m always busy. I’m a resident at Tray LaTrash’s Bad Request Live at the Froilan Cafe on Tuesdays…


…Wednesdays I host my party called Oops! With Crystal Mesh and Jacquee Kennedee at the Rosemont


…And I have a bi-monthly dance party called Rubies in the Rough at the Rosemont as well.


…And I am also now the resident queen of Otter Box at The Deep End bi-monthly Sundays.


Wow that’s a lot! So, when did you start performing drag, exactly?

This January I started drag, and Oops! was my first party.

Where are you from?

I’m actually originally from Alaska. I moved here the summer of 2014.

Hold the phone… Alaska!? Wow, what was life like there?

It’s cold!  But just really great people, and an amazing place to grow up.

What were you into, creatively speaking?

I was a dancer for a while, and I’m a makeup artist as well. So drag kinda came naturally, lol!


What brought you here to New York?

I work in the beauty/fashion industry, and there’s not really a market for that in little ol’ Alaska

How did you discover the Brooklyn nightlife scene?

I discovered it through a coworker-turned-roommate who was involved and it, and it spiraled out from there.

How would you describe a Ruby Fox performance for the uninitiated?

Very high energy, shocking, jaw-dropping, sexy, emotional. Definitely a gag-worthy show.

And what’s it like working at the Rosemont?

It’s the best experience! It’s the newest queer spot in Brooklyn, and the love and the support from there is unrivaled in Brooklyn.

You hosted a big-ass show there Drag Con Weekend, how did that go?

It’s was crazy. I don’t enjoy any of the shows that I host because I want to make the experience the best as possible for my guests; I worry about everything. But that was great, because with 40 hosts an event is automatically lit AF.


What’s your favorite number to do these days?

My favorite all time number is “Yala” by MIA. I do it at any new gig, and MIA is a huge inspiration for me

She’s a badass of course, and she speaks for oppressed people across the world. Do you get political with your drag, ever?

I do. I definitely make sure to push POC issues and struggles in numbers. It’s really important to me.


[still from film “Killer Unicorn” (2017) produced by Jose Daniel Alvarez, directed by Drew Bolton.]

So, you’ve got a few special things coming up this very busy weekend besides your regular gigs. First of all, you’ll be competing in the season finale of the Dragnet pageant at Metro on Thursday! You’ve already made it through an early prelim to get here. How have you enjoyed participating in this pageant so far?

It has been a great experience thus far. It’s expanded my drag, and made me start thinking out of the box.


And Friday the 22nd, you’ll be performing at the Marriott Residence Inn for “Take What You Need,” a benefit show and clothing drive with Jayse Vegas! How do you know Jayse?

We met in Fire Island this past summer, and figured out we live two blocks away from each other. so we instantly bonded over Neighborhood and Nightlife.


And then this weekend: Bushwig! Are you performing?

Yes, Saturday night. The second to last number, right before Untitled Queen.


What else is going on with you?

I’m an artist at Kryolan West Village, and all the queens can come and play in makeup with me.

Werk, Kryolan! Okay, last question: what’s something the world may not know about Ruby Fox, but should?

I loveeeeeeeee juice.  All types of juice. Black, white, Puetro Rican, Chinese juice. Any juice, I rarely drink water.

Flavor country! Thanks, Ruby!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Ruby Fox’s upcoming appearances. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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