On Point With: X-Emma

Getting her drag name and look inspirations from interesting places, new dark glamour clown and supermodel chanteuse on the scene X-Emma is here to slay!

Thotyssey: Greetings X-Emma! How is your summer treating you so far?

X-Emma: My summer has been hectic! I’ve been a creature of the night… like, it’s literally sleep all day and then go out at night, like a fucking bat.

Meh, who needs the sun!? By the way, belated congratulations on a strong showing at the Lady Liberty competition a few weeks ago… you made Top 4 while sporting a ferocious horned demon look!

Lady Liberty was amazing; the Q is such an amazing space. My demon look is an intense one to be in; I am constantly too tall for every doorway or ceiling! I thought I did really well, though. I’m competing this Thursday again, and I’m going to be sporting a very different lewk.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store next! Do you generally prefer the “darker,” more monstrous spectrum of drag over the “I’m Just a Pretty Girl” end of things?

That’s the thing–there is definitely a duality to my drag. I hate to be put in a box. I love to look like a circus clown monster, but I also love to serve “beautiful fucking woman.”
I’m a model when I’m not doing drag, and I got to utilize the face, honey.

That keeps things interesting! Is drag less a “gender” expression to you then, like, a visual art statement, or a cosplay sort of experience?

Hmm… I think all of the above.

Fair enough! So where are you from originally, and how ultimately did the drag journey begin for you?

I am from Orange County, California. I started drag in my bedroom, practicing makeup and stealing my mom’s clothes. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I found a place where I could actually express that interest.

How might you describe the numbers you like to do today, and where you get your look inspirations from?

I want to tell stories; I want to have concepts. I get my inspiration definitely from club kids of the past… and also doing poppers.

You have one of those great “punny” names that one has to say out loud a few times before it clicks! How did the name come to you?

I grew up with severe eczema; it bleed and hurt, and I could never stop scratching it. It was even so bad, I got it on my eyelids. Now I take steroids, and it went away.

What an ordeal! So “X-Emma” is like taking ownership of that, in a way.

Yeah. I also just like the name.

Tell us about the show you’re doing with Morocco Kennedy and several guest queens at Mad Tropical on August 4th.

It’s called “Sad Girlies,” an all sad song drag show. I’m super excited to finally be hosting a show! I loved designing the flier and helping other queens out.

And I see that at the end of the month you’ll be part of another huge competition: the “Are You The Ultimate Drag Diva” championship at Aura Cocina, hosted by Janelle No. 5.

OMG! It’s gonna be so epic. I’m so excited, and I’m bringing out all the stops. All I have to say is, “Free Britney.”

Good luck! And finally: if X-Emma were in the X-Men, what would her mutant power be?

OMG, that’s a tough one! I think it would be the power to shapeshift. Oh wait, maybe teleport. Or a fire blender!

Why not all three!? Thanks, X-Emma.

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for X-Emma’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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