On Point With: Avery Badgirl

Here’s a newer queen on the scene who’s so bad it’s good… Slut Pop Princess Avery Badgirl!

Thotyssey: Hiya Avery, thanks for chatting with us today! Are you having a Bad Girl Autumn so far?

Avery Badgirl: I am! I’ve been working on some exciting drag stuff and my day job has been pretty light, so I’ve had more time to be going out and getting into trouble.

Look out world! When you’re not working, what bars do you like to go to?

I love C’mon Everybody because the drag is always so good–and I live in Crown Heights, so it’s one of the few bars that’s easy to get to. I’m also at Metro and Rosemont a lot because I know I’ll always run into friends I wasn’t necessarily expecting to see, which is my favorite part of going out. And then 3 Dollar Bill is my fave for bigger parties. My going out definitely revolves pretty heavily around drag, though… so I’ll go anywhere, if there’s a show that excites me.

But it’s safe to say you are for the most part a Brooklyn Gworl?

Yes! I lived in Manhattan for like six or seven years before moving to Brooklyn, so I spent a bunch of time at the West Village and Hell’s Kitchen bars. But that was all before I started doing drag. When I finally moved to Brooklyn, I was like, why the hell did it take me so long to get out here?

[Photo: Rachel Slakter]

Where are you from originally, and what brought you to NYC?

I’m from Massachusetts; I grew up in the suburbs, about 45 minutes outside of Boston. I moved to NYC for college. I applied to other schools, but I knew I wanted to be in New York more than anything. So, the college itself was sort of secondary to me.

And how did Avery get born?

It was after a long time of wanting to perform, but not having the confidence to go for it. I feel like I spent years absorbing stuff from queens I watched perform, or followed on social media. So by the time I started performing, I had already learned a surprising amount of makeup skills.

The exact catalyst to finally go for it was that I went through a breakup from a three year relationship. That was when I decided to move to Brooklyn, and that big change pushed me to get out of my comfort zone more. I met some other queens and started going out to more shows, and eventually felt like I was ready to start performing myself.

[Photo: Tanner Lant]

I recall you turning a number as a Lady Liberty contestant last year! Did you enjoy the competition circuit?

I did. Lady Liberty especially was so much fun; that competition was the first place I ever saw live drag back when I was in college, and it was always one of my favorite events to go to. So it was wild to compete and actually win! Eventually I decided to take a break from competing. I put a lot of pressure on myself in competitive situations, so I wanted to give myself a little more space to just have fun and try new things. But I’ll probably get back into the competition circuit again, now that I feel more confident in my drag.

How might you describe your drag today, as far as the looks and the numbers you like to serve, and overall vibe?

I’d describe my drag as sexy, lol… or at least that’s something that I incorporate into all of my numbers. Like, whenever I perform, I imagine I’m seducing every audience member… which probably sounds crazy. There’s definitely a lot of burlesque influence, which I think works so well in drag because you can play around with sexy and silly elements. I also studied ballet very seriously in high school, so I love to turn it.

For my look, I take a lot of inspiration from fashion / artistic makeup. I’m terrible when I try to copy something, so I generally just try to absorb influence from things I like, but then let myself run with it. It’s fun to be a little surprised by where it goes.

On Thursday the 17th, you’ll be serving “Slut Pop” with Nicky O and a great cast of queens at 3 Dollar Bill!

Yes! I’m so excited for this show; it’ll be my first time performing at 3DB. Nicky throws some of the best drag parties in the city, so you know it’s gonna be a fun night with some amazing drag. We’ve got twelve performers bringing our sluttiest, sex positive drag. This is also going to be my first time working with dancers; I have the fabulous Christopher and Joshua, and we’re ready to give it.

Anything else on the horizon for you?

Yes! Saturday, the 19th, I’ll be at Alphaville in Bushwick with Ruby Tuesday, X-EmmaFreeda BlackmanPhoebe Bing Bong for “Delusions,” our monthly party!

Fun! Okay lastly: how many times do you plan on doing “All I Want for Christmas” this season, lol?

Haha, hopefully none! I think we all get plenty of Christmas music without having to watch me lip sync it.

Best Christmas gift ever! Thanks, Avery!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Avery Badgirl’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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