On Point With: Phil Chanel

Although he’s a Jersey boy, this nightlife producer and promoter is a New Yorker at heart. And with tons of events to manage and an all-new drag competition to debut next week, now is the time to get a whiff of Thotyssey’s free sample of Phil Chanel!

Thotyssey: Hey Phil, how was your party at Castro last night? They just reopened after a recent remodeling.

Phil ChanelCockBoyz Wednesdays is always a great time. The renovations at Castro look amazing!

There’s always the hottest trade dancing at Castro, and in general at the events you produce / promote with Yamil X. Where do you find these guys?

We book the finest dancers in NYC.

So, let’s get to know you… are you a native New Yorker?

No, believe it or not I’m a Jersey boy.

How did you break into the nightlife scene?

I’ve always loved nightlife, so it was just natural for me to do it as a career.

Were you a bartender, a gogo boy or a DJ, ever? Or did you get right into promoting and producing?

No, I love hosting events – being with the people, making sure that everyone’s have a great time.

You have, like, the best facial hair in the business. That shit’s on point! How long does it take you to groom that every day?

I have a Cosmetology license. I’m a barber, so its pretty easy for me.

Nice!  Most of your events are in New York. It’s kind of challenging to get new stuff going on Jersey, right?

No I’ve had a lot pf success in Jersey…  but NYC is where my heart is.

What’s your best advice for someone looking to produce their first party?

Always follow your dreams and stay humble, and take the advice from the people who inspire you!

And who inspires you?

Many inspire me… so many talented people in nightlife. but I’m very inspired by [the late, great] Princess Janea BanksHoney Davenport, Yamil Xtrava, and Brandon Voss.

So, this Friday the 22nd of September, you’re gonna debut a new monthly party at Rebar, Male Room! What’s that about?

The party was created for the 30-and-over crowd – a place where men can dance, mingle, and meet other beautiful men.

And this is exciting: you and the amazingly fierce Kristy Blaze are creating a new weekly drag competition, Polish The Queen, starting Tuesday at Stonewall! You’ll be joined by DJ King Ralphy and door goddess Naomi Love Hudson. What kind of queens should be entering this? And how will the winners be determined?

We open the platform for any aesthetic of drag. Winners are determined by a distinguished panel of judges, the audience, and our legendary guest! Polish The Queen is about honoring our legends at a Legend (Stonewall Inn), while our legends give back to the new generation with pointers and tips to create a Polished Queen.

So where else can we find you hosting these days?

Besides Polish The Queen at Stonewall on Tuesdays, I’m hosting Cockboyz at Castro on Wednesdays…

Slay at the Monster monthly on Fridays…

Male Room at Rebar Monthly on Fridays, Trade at Cielo monthly on Saturdays…

Drag Me To Brunch every Sunday At Basera

Torq at Delilah monthly on Sundays…

…and I’m working on new projects. But you’ll have to just stay tuned!

Werk and Work! And finally… what would your drag name be?

Felicia Ustay … the only Felicia you cant say bye to! I’m here to stay and Slay!

Yazzzzz, see you later Felicia!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for a list of Phil Chanel’s upcoming events, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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