On Point With: Lana Del Trey

Get to know the up-and-comer who just won Shequida’s Drag Wars All-Stars V… Lana Del Trey!

Thotyssey: Hello Lana, thanks for chatting with us today! So first off, congratulations on winning Drag Wars All Stars V! What was that whole experience like?

Lana Del Trey: First off, thank you! The whole experience was a whirlwind! I got inducted into All-Stars a few months back, but wasn’t sure when the actual competition would be until two weeks before. I had ideas, but I didn’t kick into high gear until I knew the date. It was a really fabulous creative process coming up with my numbers, curating the looks and deciding what I wanted to give. It really allowed me to take a step back and decide how I wanted to represent myself. I loved having specific categories to be able to use to pipeline my inspo, as I always love a theme. Overall I feel like I got to give a really accurate peek into who I am through my All-Stars package, and it was a hell of a fun time!

It looks like you’ve been performing and turning looks to some degree for awhile, but how long would you say you’ve been a Proper Drag Queen?

Yes indeed… I’ve definitely been performing and turning looks since the womb, but I didn’t officially start doing drag until February of 2022! So I’m still very much a baby queen in the time sense, but seasoned in other aspects. The lashes and wigs are just newer pieces to the puzzle!

Where’s your original hometown, and how did you begin as a performing artist?

I’m originally from Southern Maryland, in the middle of nowhere but about an hour outside of DC. I started performing to my imaginary audience alone in the corn fields, but then found my footing through school choir and community theatre, and eventually went to conservatory for musical theatre… which is how I got to NYC.

What are some of your favorite songs to sing? And have you sung in drag yet?

Oooh, good one! When it comes to musical theatre I love a cheeky moment like “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton, or “Stop” from Mean Girls But I also love a good Bernadette ballad like “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George. It depends on the mood! In my free time I sing any and everything… lots of Gaga and Lana, of course. I’ve only sang in drag once so far: at “Night of 1000 Celines” hosted by Marti G. Cummings and Frankie Grande, where I did my camp justice to Celine with “The Power of Love.” I definitely plan to sing in drag more soon!

What are some other things one might see in a Lana Del Tray performance these days?

I’d say Lana Del Trey is very layered. You can expect to see a modern day funky rock star diva at the surface, who loves to have a good ol’ trashy time and connect with the crowd. At the same time, if you’re someone who likes to read between the lines you can find many messages about my beliefs and my inner pysche through my performances. I’ll take you on an LDT Trip.

And where’s a place you’d like your drag to be in like a year or so? Weekly shows, social media stardom, Sorceress Supreme, etc?

In a year, I’d love to be doing weekly gigs and any sort of performances that I can, wherever I can! I’m definitely a live performance-based queen, and the social media stuff would be great if it comes along with it. I just want to connect with as many people as I can, and bring true quality entertainment and art to those who get to see me. I’ve got many more sides of myself to show, and I feel like drag is truly on the cusp of infiltrating mainstream media to the highest degree. I’d love to be a part of that revolution, and see what opportunities can lay on the other side of that… for not just drag artists, but all queer people! Long term, I want to be a super star, known for staying true to exactly who I am!

One to watch! In the meantime, folks can get their Lana fix at 3 Dollar Bill on Thursday, October 6th care of Janelle No. 5’s large cast show “DIVAS!” What’s in store for us then??

Yas!!! This DIVAS is the horror edition, perfect for celebrating Spooky Season! Halloween is my absolute favorite, and I’ll be paying homage to one of my childhood favorites: Edward Scissorhands. I tend to gravitate towards those characters who are misunderstood. Edward looks a little scary, but has a heart of gold and wants to love and be loved… kind of like Lana, lol! I feel like I’m describing it so existentially, but long story short I’ll be serving up rockstar Edward Scissorhands camp cunt realness.

Anything to add?

Mostly just to keep an eye out for my upcoming weekly show, with my All-Stars co-stars Milan Garçon and Taraye… more details to come!

Oooh, exciting! Okay lastly: what is a drag cosmetic product that you swear by?

I’d say I swear by a good chunky glitter–silver is my go to, but any color works to correspond with a look. It’s great for the graphic lid I like to do, and can also make a cheek highlight or lip color pop really nicely. Love a bold chunky glitter! Right now I just have box of various colors that I got from Amazon by the brand SoJourner.

Gorgeous! Thanks, Lana!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Lana Del Trey’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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