On Point With: Victoria Holiday

Already an established star in her native Puerto Rico, the theatrical Victoria Holiday is now making her mark as NYC girl as well… lockdown be damned!

Thotyssey: Hello, Victoria! Thanks for chatting with us today! So, how was your bizarre Covid Thanksgiving?

Victoria Holiday: Friendsgiving was great, thanks for asking! I’m lucky enough to live with three of my best friends / chosen family. Puerto Rican food and karaoke is all we need to have a good time!

That sounds amazing! What did you sing?

We did it all! Everything from rock to salsa. I, of course, served the drama and the power ballads… being the Cancer that I am.

As a fellow Cancer, I hear you! We always find time for drama.

So, let’s get a bit of your origin story. You’re from Puerto Rico, as you’ve said. Where exactly, and what was life like growing up there for you?

My hometown is called Aguadilla; it has the most beautiful beaches. Growing up, I was very much a theater kid… so I was kind of in my own little bubble. Like most queer kids, I left for a bigger city (San Juan, in this case) as soon as I finished high school. And that’s where I became the party monster I am today.

Tell us about how Victoria Holiday was created!

A few years back I was in a production of La Cage Aux Folles, and just felt I had a knack for doing drag and decided to try it outside of a theater setting. Needless to say, I was not as good as I thought I was! But it’s gotten better with time.

Do you think of drag as just an extension of theater, or is it a whole other animal?

My drag is very theatrical; I always say there are three elements that make up Victoria: the first is the Caribbean / Latino element, the second is romance, and the third is theatricality!

Overall, what have been your favorite experiences performing as Victoria?

Definitely has to be the legacy I left behind in Puerto Rico: parties that I started, that are still running to this day… and watching the San Juan alternative scene blossom and grow with so much new talent and fresh faces! My drag family and I worked very hard to make that happen, and it means the world to see that it’s paid off.

There are a million reasons to be happy about Trump’s pending departure, but certainly one of them has been his complete mishandling of Puerto Rico since the storm did so much damage there early in his presidency. Can you believe the audacity of the Puerto Rican governor in endorsing him?

I have no words for the sheer stupidity of some people–not just our leaders, but the folks who helped put them in these positions of power. It’s truly mind-boggling, and extremely frustrating. At least we finally got him OUT!

Cheers to that!

Did you come to New York specifically to pursue the stage?

NYC was always the goal for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t till after Hurricane Maria that I actually had the opportunity to come live out here. I lived in a hotel for six months (that was a lot). All in all, New York has been kind to me… and I really hope to continue to grow and perform here.

You did some brunch shows at the now-shuttered Bizarre Bushwick, I guess shortly after you arrived.

Yes! My drag sister Warhola Pop and I had a weekly drag brunch there called Cabaret Latino. It featured a male emcee who would perform live music sets.

Wonderful things came out of that place–but also a lot of drama, especially towards the end! What were your experiences like there?

I learned a lot there, and expanded my latinx repertoire… made a lot of friends along the way. Definitely a lot of rumors coming from all sides, which I did my best to stay out of!

This Sunday you and your fellow PR sis Vena Cava will be serving dinner shows (6 to 9:30pm) at Forrest Point in Brooklyn!

Yes, I’m so beyond excited to show everything I’ve been working on during quarantine. It’s me performing for the first time since June! Forrest Point has always opened its doors to us and our guests. It’s always a good time, and definitely somewhere that I consider a safe space. Anyone coming out on Sunday should expect sickening looks great drinks, and an amazing time! I would really love for everyone to come out, so that we can keep the shows rolling every Sunday evening. Let’s make it a thing!


Have a great show, and many more! And finally: what do you want for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is for this Covid BS to be over, so I can hit the clubs and make out with random strangers again!

Put that on my list, too! Thanks, Victoria!

[Photo: Vena Cava]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Victoria Holiday’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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