Podcast: Real Talk with Wombat Rider Glace Chase!

Jim & Freddie spill tea on jury duty, new gigs, Hans Berlin’s new musical Shooting Star, and Halloween antics. And wait, did someone just book Sherry Pie?

Then it’s time to chat with the hilarious Glace Chase, recent star of The Village: A Disco Musical who’s about to star in an outrageous one woman show of her very own at ParksideGlace’s Big Things (there’s still some tickets left)! Jim met Australian native Glace when she was hosting a macabre tour of the West Village armed with a stiletto on a stick, and these days when she’s not doing savage scripted stage shows she’s hosting Tribeca’s wildest karaoke and a fun viewing party in Brooklyn.  There’s some obligatory Drag Race shit talk, of course. And how do orgies and wombat riding figure into Glace’s Big Things? And what exactly ARE those big things, anyway?

In the news: Rise Bar is robbed, a Halloween Nazi asshole is chased out of an iconic NYC venue, a NYC gal places in Miss Black Universe, the Gay City News Impact Awards, Selena Gomez returns to Waverly Place and RIP queer country legend Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country.

Send  love, hate, questions and scoops to thotlight@redeyeny.com!

Download or stream here:


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