On Point With: Levi Karter / Sassy Frass

From small town boy to porn star to drag star to documentary star, Lucas Kemmerle has already led a pretty storied life for someone so young. Thotyssey gets the story right from of this fantasy wildchild, known better to some as Levi Karter and to others as Sassy Frass!

Thotyssey: Hello! Are you out and about in this kinda gross weather right now?

Levi Karter / Sassy Frass: I’m just finishing up my day job at the office. I have not been outside yet, but I do love cloudy and rainy days (as long as we keep the power on).

I hear that! So, most of us have a Home Self and a Work Self, as far as our personalities go. You work at an office, do porn and perform in drag…  you have three distinct Work Selves!

I do! I am Lucas Kemmerle, also know as Levi Karter the Cockyboy, and Sassy Frass the drag queen (or Misty’s daughter, haha! Hi, Misty)!

That must be a challenge, juggling three professional personas.

When I talk about work, I do find myself using “Levi” and “Sassy” in the third person as if they are their own people; and it defiantly does take some time to adjust to a healthy level of juggling both. At the moment, I am focusing more on building Sassy’s platform, and I can already tell I am not focusing enough on Levi’s platform–and I should, because right now Levi is the one making the real money!

It’s probably more fun and creative for you to develop Sassy, though, because she’s new and there’s just more to do with her. Your porn fanbase is so well-established now, you’d figure it’s like a self-operating machine at this point!

Haha, exactly! But I do want to make sure I am maintaining Levi’s career and keeping that part of my life going strong, even if it does seem like I am over it or done with it and ready to do just drag. Ideally, I would love to combine them and keep a fun and healthy balance for both! It’d be cool to, like, gogo dance one night and perform as Sassy the next, or something.

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Before we discuss the future, let’s go over your background a little bit… you grew up adopted in suburban Ohio, right?

I was originally born in Asunción, Paraguay, and my mom did international single-parent adoption and got me when I was 13 months-old… so, since then I grew up in Ohio. I have the best mom in the world; she actually just visited me this past weekend. It was just the two of us growing up (and a cat, Carmen). I am a wild child, and I could not be more grateful to have a mom who puts up with all of this and loves me unconditionally. She really is the best, in my eyes.

That is so sweet! And I understand you started during porn while at college.

Well, I actually dropped out of school because of two semesters of bad grades. I have always been interested in stripping, gogo dancers, nightlife and porn, and I started stripping and gogoing right out of high school and through college. Once the college route did not work out for me, I decided to actually try out the porn industry. After Cockyboys found me in 2013, I’ve been in it ever since.

Lots of baby gays fantasize about doing porn and imagining it as glamorous, but I’m guessing it’s a lot of hard and sometimes tedious work as well.

It can be. It depends on what you are looking to get out of it. A lot models do porn as a side gig and for extra money, so they do not invest too much time into promoting, appearances, and affiliate programs. I entered with porn being my only job, made sure I was making money and focusing my work on jobs and projects that contribute to the industry (like PA, filming, appearances, promotions, etc.). At the moment, my day job is working at the Cockyboys office in their shipping department during the week, and I will film about once a month. So I guess what I am saying is, you get what you put into your work… but you could say that for anything, too!

True that! Have you had, like, a favorite Cockyboys scene partner, or a favorite overall moment?

I have a couple favorites! Hayden Lourd is one. Getting Carter Dane to top me is another one. That, and almost any group scenes… because two is better than one.

Porn fandom can be rabid. And in general, so many people have now seen you engage in sexual acts. Does the fact that there are thousands out there who’ve seen you and “know” you freak you out, or thrill you, or is it just like “meh whatevs” now?

Well, at this point I’m jokingly like “OMG thank you for noticing or keeping me relevant!” It was defiantly exciting at first. There were a few moments where it was an awkward time or place to discuss that part of my life, but for the most part I either think it’s funny or exciting to be recognized like that. And I have also thankfully never really had a bad reaction, or one I can vividly remember. Like, no one’s saying I’m going to hell, (without saying “see you there,” ha).

Well, that’s certainly a relief!

So, how did you discover drag?

Hmmm. Well, first through TV movies and YouTube. I do remember meeting my first drag queen when I danced in Columbus for the first time. I’ve always been around them since, and I have so much fun with them in nightlife. I remember at 18, a queen told me all gogo boys become queens… and I’m like, nuh uh! And she said “just wait,” and she was right!

My best friend is Misty Meaner. We have been friends for over five years, and she is the one who taught me the art. I honestly haven’t been happier since I started doing it. When I first started, before I wanted to perform and take it seriously, Misty was so nice to me about my drag. I look at photos now, and I’m like, “OMG, that’s a face only a mother could love!” I don’t know where I’m going with that, but… ha! Misty is amazing, and I am so lucky to have her in my life in all the ways I do!


What is it about drag that appeals to you so much?

All of it! I haven’t thought about this specifically, but there’s so much. I love the confidence and freedom it brings you, and continues to bring you the more you do it. Also, my favorite thing to do in life is make people smile, laugh, and forget about their worries–even if it is just for a song, or a quick outburst of laughter. I love that I am able to do that through drag. I know it’s easier said than done, but now more than ever I believe people need to relax and focus on what makes them happy and laugh and feel good. That’s what I love about Levi as well. I’m glad that through my work, I am able to help whoever is watching me feel good or forget the world for a minute.

You’re doing the Lord’s work! I saw you compete in Lady Liberty at the Ace Hotel, for last year’s Pride edition. That was when Jasmine Rice LaBeija won with that full orchestra, and Yvie Oddly and Soju competed as well. You did an adorbs Harley Quinn number!

OMG! Looking like I bought my wig from Party City because I didn’t glue it down! Lol, no way it was adorbs! But I had a lot of fun being Harley.


In a video piece you did for Mic last year, you were basically coming out to your porn fans as a drag queen… and you were very nervous about how they would receive Sassy. How have they, since then?

Everyone for the most part was very supportive! A couple here and there say they can’t watch me anymore, but it’s chill. I also manage Levi and Sassy’s social platforms separately because I understand that these worlds [don’t always mix well]. It’s crazy: porn stars work with drag queens to create huge parties and events, but sharing yourself as both…

I’ve noticed that, for others, seeing a guy in drag immediately takes their sex appeal away as a boy. I don’t think it’s right, and I personally think it’s even more attractive to see a boy in drag. Not because of the female aspect, but the confidence and strength I witness is very attractive and inspiring to me.


The Cockyboys founders were very supportive of your drag in that Mic clip. SInce then, one of them–Jake Jaxson–has directed you in a documentary, Leave It To Levi, which recently premiered in a Mexican film festival. Can we see that on the Cockyboys website yet?

Unfortunately it is not out on the website yet, and we have a lot of Cockyboys fans asking when they’re going to get to see it! We also went to the Tel Aviv film festival, and now we are bringing it to Berlin in October! I am so proud and honored to have Cockyboys believe in me the way they do to create this project. These projects and all projects Jake Jaxson creates always incorporate a valuable lesson and message to take away for the viewer. I am very thankful that Jake was able to see one in me.

How long have you all been working on this?

This movie has taken over six years to make, and we are still editing in more before Berlin. This project started out as a 45 minute documentary released back in 2014 called Fuck Yeah, Levi Karter.

I understand it includes some very early pre-porn footage of you.

I used record almost my whole life–kind of like what people are doing now on Instagram. We have hours of footage from me hanging out with friends or goofing off alone. I use to put my laptop on record and fall asleep for no reason! That was then edited into becoming Part One of Leave It To Levi, which is a storyline where I, Lucas, enter the porn industry and move to NYC. Part Two is Levi in the porn industry, and in Part Three Sassy Frass is born! But the real message of this movie is about a mother and a son, and I’ll let y’all watch it yourselves to find out what that is!

I can’t wait to see it! Nowadays, there are self-managed platforms for pornstars like OnlyFans, and a newly proposed similar service just for drag queens. Would you put stuff out there on those types of personalized platforms?

Oh, I didn’t know about he drag one! I am exclusive with Cockyboys, and very happy to work with them. Cockyboys gives me the freedom to film with anyone I want (as long as I am being safe and responsible). But just for drag queens–I think I would be into finding out more about that. Sassy is not a Cockyboy!

Oh yeah, that reminds me! Levi and Sassy’s worlds collided when you (as Sassy) hosted a few editions of the Cockyboys’ sponsored monthly Thunderwear parties at The Vault! Was it weird to be around all those sexy underwear kids when you could only be Sassy?

Hahah, it sort of was, honestly. Sassy is boy crazy. Like, more boy crazy than… well, we’re the same. But Sassy’s more vocal about it! If Sassy is around too many hot boys, she asks Misty if she can go upstairs and change into a boy (that hasn’t happened, but I so would)!

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Now let’s talk about where we can find Sassy. First of all, during the week you are a frequent guest at Misty and Mocha Lite’s Friday show (Fridaze) at Macri Park. That must feel like Family Night for you.

I will never be able to put into words how happy Misty and Mocha make me. Separately and together, they are my biggest inspirations and aspirations: the heart, dedication, soul and talent they put into their art is so moving and aspirational. If you do not know them or have not seen them perform and you live in NYC or are visiting, I strongly encourage you to see them. They are one of the last pure, beautiful, real forms of drag– if that makes sense. Like, drag is everything now, and it should be… but these two are just spirits that respect and take this art form seriously, and it is so beautiful to watch them do it all.

On Friday July 26th, right before their show this week, you’ll be at Macri early (8:30pm) to host the viewing party for the Haters’ Roast, broadcasted live from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden! Which queen there do you think will be the funniest / shadiest?

Alaska, Willam and Lady Bunny hands down. They are my favorite queens of all time (plus Sherry Vine, but she won’t be there)! Alaska if I could only choose one, though.


On Thursdays, you’re at The Graham in Brooklyn hosting karaoke. Is that fun? And, do you sing?

I love it! I sorta sing, ha! I’m no Whitney, but I’m changing the words from Fergalicious to Sassylicious.


Anything else coming up?

At The Graham, we are planning to have a Monday bingo night, as well as Dragula and American Horror Story viewing parties (in September).

Werk! And finally: have you seen the CATS movie trailer? Creepy, or Yasss?

I did!YASSSS YASSS YASSS! I cried when I saw the trailer! CATS is my favorite musical, and I am so excited for this!

Thank you, LucasLeviSassy!

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Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Sassy Frass’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram. Follow Levi Karter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out his porn work on Cockyboys.


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