On Point With: Glamydia Clap

When not baring it all for one fan community online, this multifaceted performer is turning it out on drag stages across the city… and is about to make her headlining debut. Applause, applause, applause for Damian Hult, aka Glamydia Clap!

Thotyssey: Glamydia, hello! Thanks for talking to us today! How are you this lovely Saturday?

Glamydia Clap: Hello! I’m doing wonderfully, soaking my toes in ocean water. How are you?

I’m fine, but you sound finer! Where are you?

Montauk, actually! I’ve come out here every summer since I was born! It’s a great space to relax and take time to work on myself and my career in a nice, quiet place.

That sounds heavenly!  Are you a native Long Islander?

I grew up mostly in Great Neck, though I’m originally a Queens boy.

Ah, me too! Were you always interested in performing in some capacity?

I was. I started performing when I very young. I think I was 8 when I first took to the stage as a newsboy in a local production of Gypsy. Little did they know I was vying for the role of Miss Mazeppa.

Did you pursue theater schooling in NYC?

I did! I went to Marymount Manhattan College for Directing, for an entire full semester. And then I quickly found out that I should have been pursuing my drag career.

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How and when did drag enter your life?

Drag actually entered my life pretty early, when I performed as the “not you” girl in The Producers when I was in ninth grade! I played female roles two or three times after that as well, though the form of performing I do now–in the bar and club scene–started moreso when I was leaving my senior year of high school. So, I’ve been at this for a large portion of my life.

Wow! What do you think it is about drag that “does it” for you?

I’ve always been extremely interested in every single aspect of theater. Not just the stage performance, but the lighting, the costume design, the producing, the choreography, and everything in between. I truly believe that drag is the one form of performance where you get to do it all, and I love having that opportunity. Also, that moment when I look in the mirror and say “wow, you are beautiful” is something I don’t think I could live without.

bna1 (2)

Glamydia’s always gorg every time I see her. Do you have any particular style icons?

I always say Glamydia lives somewhere between Vivien Leigh and Jennifer Coolidge. I take a lot of inspiration from old Hollywood glamour, and a ton from 70’s porno milfs. And I truly try to blend those inspirations together as often as possible.

A perfect mix! You’re largely performing in the City nowadays, but there’s a growing Long Island drag scene thanks largely to the effort of a few hardworking queens. What do you make of Long Island drag?

I performed on Long Island for quite a while, actually. We may use different terms to describe the efforts of said queens. Let’s just say I decided to stop working out there for a reason. But I love how welcoming and professional everyone in NYC has been to me! The opportunities to succeed in the city are far more widespread than out on the Island, I couldn’t see a reason to leave the NYC / Brooklyn scene again.

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We’ll get back to Glamydia in a minute, but first lets discuss the other side of you! Damian Hult is a self-made pornstar, with thriving OnlyFans and JustForFans pages, plus some appearances in studio productions. How did that all begin?

It all began with a tweet, actually! I was feeling a bit frisky one day, and decided to tweet out a picture of my GAP underwear to my 100 followers. And when I woke up, I had thousands of followers and a bunch of different offers. And since my main gig was drag, I thought “well, it won’t hurt my ability to get a job,” and just sorta jumped on it. After filming my first few scenes with Mormonboyz (now Missionaryboys, for probably legal reasons, but who knows), I decided to open up some fan pages, and my “brand” pretty much just grew from there!

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It must be pretty thrilling and empowering, to have that much control over what your viewers experience on that platform.

It is! On my experience, when you work for a studio you kinda have to just go along with whatever they ask of you. Of course you can say no to something, but it does mean you probably won’t get full pay and definitely won’t be hired again. When you have your own platform, like JustForFans or Onlyfans, it’s sort of like having your own sense of job security. The only thing stopping you from success is your ability to produce content.

That being said, I am working on making my content more consistent! It’s not always easy to find people willing to show all on camera, and sometimes it’s hard to do it yourself. It is extremely empowering, though, to have that sense of control over your own body and sexuality. A lot of people don’t experience that, so I’m grateful to have those platforms where I can express it.


Are you comfortable with fans of your porn work coming out to see you perform live in drag, or in general with those two worlds colliding?

I am comfortable with it! As long as you’re there to see a drag show, not to try and fuck me. I’m pretty open on all my social media about all the aspects of my life, though. I think it makes for a more rounded person. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather jack off to someone with a personality rather than to a washboard with deadeyes.

You’d think that would be universal! It just occurred to me how odd it is that no RuGirls have tried to have a legit porn career after their seasons. You’d think the market for that would be huge! Maybe Worlds of Wonder won’t let them come back for a tour or All-Stars if they did that?

I have a strong feeling WoW wouldn’t let you on in the first place if you did it, either! I can’t be certain of their contracts, but I doubt they’d allow it. There are some RuGirls who’ve done shoots before Drag Race, though… which I will decline to reveal whether or not the pictures are saved to my phone!

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Ha! Well, I guess that brings us back to Glamydia and “Catch the Clap” at Rockbar on Wednesday (9pm), which I believe will be her debut headlining show. 

It is indeed!

Tell us what’s gonna go down!

I’m super excited for the show, it’s certainly a long time coming. The plan is to put on a show that encompasses my favorite parts of every show I’ve been part of, while adding my own little twist. There will be tons of numbers, (lip syncing, dancing, singing, and… other?), both my classics and brand new ones I’ve created just for this show! We’ll also have games and special exciting things for our audience members. All around, it’s gonna be a really fun night. Andy Starling joining along will be a blast too, since I’ve known her for a while now yet we never performed side-by-side. So I’m really interested to see what she brings, since I know it will be spectacular.

Sounds incredible! Anything else that needs to be said?

I wasn’t very public about this, but I did take a little break from drag and from porn recently and just started to grind back into them. So I would like to thank everyone who’s been supporting me recently and helping me to get back on my feet and back to the stage.

As for upcoming shows, I’m focusing on this Rockbar gig for now and trying to grow it as much as I can. That being said, my schedule is definitely open for anyone looking to book me or have me as a guest! I do have some exciting porn productions in the works, but not any I can discuss right now. Just know you’ll be seeing me again on your Twitter feeds real soon!

Exciting! And in closing: what should there be more of in everyone’s life, porn or drag?

Por que no los dos? A dose of porn in the night before you go to bed, and a good drag show before that. Head over to any of my pages and get ’em both in the same place!

Thanks, Glamydia!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Glamydia Clap’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow Damian Hult on OnlyFans, JustForFansInstagram and Twitter.


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