Tuesday (2.8.2017)

UPTOWN LIPS: Blackie O’s karaoke (9pm) CASTRO: $2 Tuesdays (9pm) ALIBI: Take It Back Tuesdays, old school Hip Hop & R&B (9pm) TOWNHOUSE: Michael Ferrari hosts an open mic contest (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN BOXERS HK: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) POSH: DJ Panos Mitos (9pm) RISE: Karaoke with Emily McNamara (10pm) VSBU: Lady SinAGaga hostsContinue reading “Tuesday (2.8.2017)”

On Point With: Angel Elektra

Living proof that true love can prevail in nightlife, this queen has been with her husband and fellow performer Shay D’Pines for twenty years! She’s been a welcomed presence in the pageant and Fire Island scenes, and has recently mended fences with her drag mom, beloved Cherry Grove entertainer Lavinia Draper. And now, she andContinue reading “On Point With: Angel Elektra”

Monday (2.6.2017)

UPTOWN WEST END: Production of Wasted, a parody of Wicked with a large cast including Whendy Whaxwood (8pm)  TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm) SUITE: Glam Gavin’s karaoke (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN POSH: DJ Xavier Mazara (9pm) THERAPY: Marti Gould Cummings’ Stage Fright with guest Beth Malone (10pm) HARDWARE: Cacophony Daniels with guest Peter Gregus (10pm) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: MusicalContinue reading “Monday (2.6.2017)”

Super Bowl Sunday (2.5.2017)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Super Bowl (6pm) CASTRO: C’est Lavie Sundays (10pm) SUITE: Karaoke Sundays with Glam Gavin (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN THERAPY: Jada Valenciaga & DJ 2Face (4pm); Paige Turner (10pm) FUSION HK:  Ritzy Bitz (5pm) BOXERS HK: Super Bowl (6pm) RITZ: “Gaga Bowl” viewing party with Alexis Michelle &  DJ Steve Sidewalk (6pm) HARDWARE: Skinny Brunch withContinue reading “Super Bowl Sunday (2.5.2017)”

Saturday (2.4.2017)

UPTOWN TOWNHOUSE: Live Doo Wop (9pm) CASTRO: Papi Saturdays (10pm) ALIBI: Impacto Saturdays (10pm) SUITE: Octavia Anyae (11:30pm) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Roxy Brooks returns to Skinny Brunch (6pm); SLAY Saturdays with Elizabeth James, Ruby Roo & DJ Scotty Rox (10pm) BOXERS HK: Butch Cordera’s Texas Hold ‘Em Tournemant (7pm), Cafe con Crema Latin dance party (10pm) BROADWAYContinue reading “Saturday (2.4.2017)”

On Point With: Cherry Lemonade

This candid and delightfully articulate Maine-born queen has survived the trappings of Reality TV fame and the loss of all her possessions in a housefire to become one of NYC’s most exciting nightlife stars. While she sings and paints her way into our hearts, we happily take a big sip of Cherry Lemonade! Thotyssey: HiContinue reading “On Point With: Cherry Lemonade”

Wake Up, Bitch! (2.4-5.2017)

Your guide to the weekend’s gayest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BOXERS (HK) CAFETERIA (Chelsea) LA CARBONARA (WV): Electrobrunch with Lola Michele-Kiki ELMO (Chelsea) INTERMEZZO: Electrobrunch with Tina Burner SUNDAY BOXERS (HK) CAFETERIA (Chelsea) LA CARBONARA (WV): Electrobrunch with Lola Michele-Kiki DON’T TELL MAMA (HK) : Broadway Boozy Brunch ELMO (Chelsea) HIGHLINE BALLROOM (Chelsea): VossContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (2.4-5.2017)”

Friday (2.3.2017)

UPTOWN ALIBI: Grand Lounge Fridays (8pm) CASTRO: S.O.S. Fridays (10pm) SUITE:  Brenda Dharling (midnight) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Furry Friday bear happy hour hosted by The Haus of Aja (6pm); “Super Size Queen Fridays” with Bootsie LeFaris (11pm) BEECHMAN: Debut of Jinkx Monsoon Sings Everything (10pm)  ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: DJ Nicky Boom Box & Chris Ryan (9pm) VSBU:Continue reading “Friday (2.3.2017)”

On Point With: Shuga Cain

This queen’s got the goods, baked and otherwise. A Cali native with a golden voice, she’s getting ready to host her new monthly show at the West End and slaying parties and guest spots left and right in the meantime. One of our favorite new additions to NYC nightlife, get to know Miss Shuga Cain! Thotyssey:Continue reading “On Point With: Shuga Cain”

Thursday (2.2.2017)

UPTOWN: CHERI: “Love is Love,” an urban happy hour with DJ Max Damian (6pm) SUITE: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (10pm) L. VIOLET LOUNGE: Ivana Black & gogo boys (11pm) CASTRO: Turn Up Thursdays with the Socialites (11pm) HELL’S KITCHEN RITZ: Beers & Bears happy hour upstairs (6pm); Peppermint;s birthday edition of Do The Right Thing downstairs (11pm)Continue reading “Thursday (2.2.2017)”

Bar Babe of the Week: Aryell at The Eagle NYC

Woof! This pillar of ManSex pours the Jacks and Gingers weekly at the Eagle NYC, and rolls out some mean empanadas at his own restaurant in Brooklyn, El Mate! Get into Aryell. Bar that I work at: The Eagle NYC How long I’ve worked there: I’ve been working here over three years. What are myContinue reading “Bar Babe of the Week: Aryell at The Eagle NYC”

Repointed: The RPDR Season 9 NYC Girls

So happy and excited that these four NYC queens have finally been announced as RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 competitors! THey have all been kind enough to grant me interviews recently, so check them out and Be In The Know! (PS: I wasn’t trying to be shady when I flat out asked Sasha if sheContinue reading “Repointed: The RPDR Season 9 NYC Girls”

Wednesday (2.1.2017)

UPTOWN ALIBI: Extended happy hour with DJ Poison Ivy (6pm) LA PINATA: Happy hour with Honey Davenport and Sapphira Cristal, celebrating David Steinman’s birthday tonight (8pm) TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) WEST END: Brita Filter & Terra Hyman with guest Desire Declyne (9:30pm); The Ultimate Drag Pageant (11pm) CASTRO: Cockboyz (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN VSBU: Karaoke withContinue reading “Wednesday (2.1.2017)”