Bar Babe of the Week: Aryell at The Eagle NYC


Woof! This pillar of ManSex pours the Jacks and Gingers weekly at the Eagle NYC, and rolls out some mean empanadas at his own restaurant in Brooklyn, El Mate! Get into Aryell.

Bar that I work at: The Eagle NYC

How long I’ve worked there: I’ve been working here over three years.

What are my shifts:  My shifts change: like, in winter only Saturdays, but summer Saturdays and Sundays (beer blast on the roof 5-12pm).

What makes this bar great: We are a great working team, from owners to bouncers… everybody is drama free. Same with our customers! Everybody comes here to have fun zero attitude.

Best drink I make: I‘m very proud of my Jack and ginger! Well, this bar is not like others with a big selection of cocktails… no cherry or umbrella in your glass!

I love it when customers: Come to say Hi and bring cash.

I hate it when customers: Don’t know what to drink on a busy night, and pass a credit card when they are reading “cash only.”

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: People walking around in jockstraps while I was passing a bottle of water to Susan Sarandon. But we should really ask our barbacks or  bouncers… they have the fun part, we have the boring part: serving drinks!

Other places I’ve worked:  I was working in Jackson Heights at Music Box and Club Atlantis (now Club Evolution) for 11 years, and some restaurants. And a short dancer period in NYC and Fire Island.

My hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina! I moved to NY in March 2000–time flies!! Almost half of my life living and loving here.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I manage and work in my restaurant, El Mate. I opened it with family

two years ago in Caroll Gardens, Brooklyn…  an Argentine/Brazilian cuisine restaurant. It’s my first business, so it takes a lot of my time, but I’m very happy with the results.

Who/what turns me on:  Colin Farrell is the one for me! Turns me on: bad boy looks, beard and wine!

Favorite music: I like all kind of music, depend of my mood or activity.

Favorite movie or TV show:  I love scary movies–not zombies, boring!  TV shows: Friends,   olden Girls every night before I go to sleep. Everybody Loves Raymond. And my favorites from Argentina: Esperando la Carroza and Elsa and Fred.

Favorite drag queen:  Victoria Chase. Not only because she is a great professional, but she supported me a lot when I started my business and showed me what a great friend she is. I miss working with her. I love you Victoria!

My drag name would be:  Miss Chetas!

Favorite gogo boy: My friend Junior Ayala, great guy and he knows how to move.

Favorite DJ:  I’m so lucky to work with so many
good ones at the Eagle. Everyone has a different style, and I love their music.

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