Sat. Night Picks 1.7.2017

UPTOWN TOWNHOUSE: Live Doo Wop SUITE: Octavia Anyae CASTRO: Papi Chulo Saturday: HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Skinny Brunch with Monet X Change, followed by SLAY Saturdays (with Elizabeth James, Ruby Roo & DJ Scotty Rox) RITZ: DJ’s Xavier & Vito Fun ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB:  Scotty Em, Tammy Spenks, DJ J Roc  FAIRYTAIL LOUNGE: Holly Dae & theContinue reading “Sat. Night Picks 1.7.2017”

On Point With: Sherry Vine

She’s been a top New York City nightlife performer since the 1990′s, and one of a handful from that era to remain at the absolute top of her game. As one of the genre’s most prolific creators of song and video parodies, she’s worked with pretty much everyone in the biz (and major stars beyond),Continue reading “On Point With: Sherry Vine”

Friday Night Picks 1.6.2017

UPTOWN ALIBI: Grand Lounge Fridays, a new Friday night party in Harlem SUITE:  Brenda Dharling & Miz Cracker CASTRO: S.O.S. Fridays HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Furry Friday bear happy hour hosted by Maddelynn Hatter, followed by Bootsie LeFaris’ last Pop Friday (she’ll be back there next week for a revamped party) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: 80′s night withContinue reading “Friday Night Picks 1.6.2017”

On Point With: Dahlia Sin

This candidate for New York nightlife’s “Thirstiest Thot” also happens to be a fierce-as-fuck drag queen. Forming the Haus of Aja in 2016 with three of her similarly f-a-f sister queens turned out to be the Ticket, and the Haus has been slaying ever since. Let’s get down and dirty with Dahlia Sin! Thotyssey: Hi Dahlia,Continue reading “On Point With: Dahlia Sin”

Thurs. Night Picks 1.5.2017

UPTOWN: L. VIOLET LOUNGE: Ivana hosts a new weekly party with gogo boys in the Bronx SUITE: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree CASTRO: Turn Up Thursdays with the Socialites HELL’S KITCHEN RITZ: Beers & Bears happy hour upstairs (6pm), followed by Peppermint (11pm) HARDWARE:  Dusty Ray Bottoms with guest Misty Mountains (7pm), followed by Shequida with guest AquariaContinue reading “Thurs. Night Picks 1.5.2017”

Bar Babe of the Week: Julian at Ty’s

Required West Village weekend activity: stepping in to Ty’s and getting served by this sexnugget (who also plays the best music video mixes of all time). We love Julian! Bar that I work at: Ty’s Bar, 114 Christopher St. How long I’ve worked there: Almost 6 years (really…?!) What are my shifts: Friday, Saturday, SundayContinue reading “Bar Babe of the Week: Julian at Ty’s”

Wed Night Picks 1.4.2017

UPTOWN LA PINATA: Happy hour with Honey Davenport    WEST END: The two year anniversary of show of Brita Filter and Terra Hyman (9:30pm), followed by Nedra Belle and a one-night only return of “Worship” with guest Carmen Sedemi (11pm) TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree CASTRO: Cockboyz with Jae Gorgeous HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Paige Turner with NomiContinue reading “Wed Night Picks 1.4.2017”

On Point With: Ragamuffin

A fan favorite from Brooklyn’s recently defunct venue This-N-That, the whip-smart queen known as Ragamuffin is back in her borough with a vengeance. Join us as as she dishes about her drag journey, the shitstorm of 2016, and having hope that 2017 will be better! Happy New Year, Raga! There’s a lot of heavy stuff goingContinue reading “On Point With: Ragamuffin”

Tuesday Night Picks 1.3.2017

UPTOWN LIPS: Blackie O ’s karaoke HELL’S KITCHEN VSBU: Lady SinAGaga hosts Chosen BOXERS HK: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree HARDWARE: Delighted Tobehere returns to Late Night Tea with Pixie Aventura  RITZ: Gay College Tuesday THERAPY: Sherry Vine and Peppermint INDUSTRY: Bad Drag Queen with Monet X Change CHELSEA BARRACUDA: Judy Darling & Miz Cracker with Sherry Pie Continue reading “Tuesday Night Picks 1.3.2017”

New Year’s Day Picks 1.1.2017

UPTOWN CASTRO: C’est Lavie Sundays SUITE: Karaoke Sundays with Glam Gavin HELL’S KITCHEN THERAPY: Tea Dance with DJ 2Face & Jada Valenciaga, followed by Paige Turner HARDWARE: Skinny Brunch with Brita Filter & Jasmine Rice, followed by Miz Cracker and Monet X Change    ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB:  Holly Box-Springs & Scotty Em  VSBU:  Marti Gould Cummings with IzzyContinue reading “New Year’s Day Picks 1.1.2017”