New Thotyssey Game Night at XOXO!

Of course we’re enjoying the steady return of nightlife’s decedent glamor, as both our favorite old haunts and some brand new hotspots open their doors, stages and dim back rooms to all the thotlings. But it’s a lot! Sometimes we just wanna fuckin’ geek out, chill with friends, chat up some cute nerds, play Smash Bros. and Magic and Werewolf. Well if that’s your speed, we’ve got something new for you. This coming Tuesday (July 13th), Thotyssey premieres our new low key game night Level Up at XOXO Bar! We are partnering with Shane Cherry, aka New York’s Tony Stark of Gayming and Queer Geekdom, to present a twice-monthly intimate night of video games, party games, board games and video games, all to the soundtrack of a meticulously curated playlist or pop hits and nerdy anthems.

And it’s all in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, the last place you’d expect to find such a night and the gayborhood where it’s needed the most! XOXO is a new, super cute venue with the hottest boy bartender in town, cute regulars of all persuasions and a very chill vibe. We’ve also got sidewalk and (eventually) patio seating. Come Down to Level Up and play, drink, chillax, get thotty. No cover, all games free to play, and ALL are welcome!

Level Up Calendar


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