Thotyssey & The NYC Office of Nightlife

We’ve got questions for the NYC Office of Nightlife… join the conversation!

Lockdown has created a dire sense of uncertainty as New York City still has no official plan to reopen bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city. The still newly-created Office of Nightlife probably never expected to be in such a vital position to provide some answers to our burning questions, but here we all are. Thotyssey has made contact with representatives who are quite willing to try and give us answers and address our concerns regarding: a time table of reopening; any plans for compensation or relief to affected businesses; the current rules and the ever-changing  caveats surrounding outdoor drinking, dining and entertainment; the conflicting info from the Mayor’s office  versus the Governor’s; etc.

But we need YOUR help! What questions do YOU have that we can include in our correspondence? Is your specific bar or restaurant in a grave situation that others are not in because of an unfair policy? Do you not understand what a specific policy means? DO you just want to vent your frustrations? Unload on us!  Send a comment (anonymous or otherwise) below, or email us at

2 thoughts on “Thotyssey & The NYC Office of Nightlife

  1. I am eager to go back to my favorite bars in NYC. While I am willing to wear a mask while socializing, I don’t want to be required to order food, even if they had any. When will I be allowed to go to a bar, drink and socialize with whoever’s there without undergoing onerous surveillance or other measures?


  2. What is the plan if any for the winter months? Will bars be allowed to open inside with half capacity? Is there any thought to creating outside tented areas with heat lamps? As a night life New Yorker I believe we are entitled to at least a “town hall” instead of this vagueness. If gyms plan on opening then why not bars and restaurants?


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