Bar Babe of the Month: Rocco at Playhouse

Sexy Basement Bar Babe Rocco will whet your whistle in September!

Bar(s) that I work at: I’m part of the Playhouse / Pieces / Hardware Cinematic Universe

How long I’ve worked there: beginning of 2020

What are my shifts: find me at Playhouse every Thursday, Friday, & Saturday night

What makes this bar great: the queer community that has kept us alive

Best drink I make: Mexican Mule (you can never go wrong with tequila!)

I love it when customers: enjoy the work we do, and come back to see us and party with us

I hate it when customers: are rude to anybody inside our door

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: …too many situations. Come see them for yourself every weekend 😉

Other places I’ve worked: Boxers HK, Sidewalk Cafe, The Cock

My hometown: Texas Born, West Virginia raised… but NYC is my forever home

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: reading, dancing, and misbehaving

Single or Taken: Young Divorcee

Who/what turns me on: Confidence and a killer smile

Favorite music: Indie/Alternative Pop

Favorite movie or TV show: Charlie’s Angels

Favorite drag queen: hard choice, but I’m a sucker for a night of Izzy Uncut and Holly Box-Springs

My drag name would be: Knicky O. (Short for Knickerbocker Onderdonk)

Favorite gogo boy: Gogo Gadget has my attention.

Favorite DJ: Dj Jon Ali — we work together a lot so I love him

Other stuff you need to know about me: food is my love language, comedy is my medicine. So feed me and make me laugh and we will get along just fine.

Follow me on: Instagram

Tip me at: Venmo @Rocco_Lokko

[Photo: Fwee Carter]

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