On Point With: Izzy Uncut


One of the city’s most insanely aerobic queens has come into her own as a fabulous performer and, more recently, show host. Izzy Uncut gives Thotyssey the tea on this Friday night’s biggest kiki!

Thotyssey: Hey there, Izzy! So how was Sunday’s Stonewall show with Hibiscus–aka Miss Stonewall herself–and company?

Izzy Uncut: Hi, Jim! Always amazing. Stonewall knows how to take care of a girl. She was real cute!

You know, for the longest time I was sure that you were part of the Cheer New York squad along with Hibiscus. You just seem like the ideal cheerleader queen!

Ah, well thank you! Those days are long behind me, though. I was an all-star cheerleading coach and choreographer for years back in Jersey. Still grasping onto that skill set for dear life when I perform today, hahaha!

Lol! So you’re a Jersey Girl?

Indeed! I grew up in Toms River–the cute residential town people actually live in year round–before you get to the mess that is Seaside Heights, where they filmed Jersey Shore.


You were you more into athletics then dance and theater?

See, I started with theater growing up…until realizing I was absolutely terrible at both singing and acting, hahaha! Then midway through high school–after going to a few open gyms and flipping my body around senselessly–I discovered cheerleader was actually my distinct subspecies of homosexual.

Three queer cheers for that! So how did Queen Izzy make her debut?

At none other than Drag Wars at Pieces hosted by Shequida! I was going to a bunch of shows in the city after moving here in 2015, and I had no creative outlet without all-star coaching and choreography. So one day I decided, “I can do that! Let’s do that! I’ll be great!” And I was…wrong. I wasn’t great at first! But that didn’t matter. I put my self out there, and it was an amazing experience.

How long did it take you to learn to do what you do in heels, as far as the splits and stunts? You make it look so easy!

I bought the heels a few days before my first performance and tried them that same afternoon. I practiced all of my tricks with just one heel at first, to give me solid ground to rely on. And then–with fear–went for it with the second heel, haha! So [that took] about one afternoon. and as time went on I’ve diversified my portfolio! Now I usually just test out new stuff mid-number, and if I mess up it’s never tooooo bad.

How’d you meet your judys Hibiscus and JanSport?

I met Jan after going see her at Therapy for Cracker’s show, and afterwards literally went up to her and said “Hi, I’m Kyle. I’m starting drag in literally a week. My name is going to be Izzy Uncut. I think we’re gonna be friends.” So creepy, but she was all for it! She then competed against me at Drag Wars a month later, and I’m still to this day the only bitch to ever beat her at a competition!

And as for Hibiscus…I met her at Rise for a Gaga-themed competition (that I lost to her friend), and she told me to try out for Cheer New York, haha! They’re both great people, and it’s nice to have some girlies that are so supportive.


When did you start actually talking on the mic and hosting? You’ve been busy with that lately!

Pretty recently, actually! I’d say definitely in the past six months I’ve been given more opportunities to hone that skill set. Girls being busy bee’s and all across the countryside for gigs definitely helps. I get to fill in and show a new audience of people, fellow queens, and bar owners another side of me. All and all, it’s great to just be out there more and meeting the children!

Most recently, you got to fill in for Shuga Cain and later Jan at Pieces Bar’’s Snatched Wednesdays while those two were off adventuring. How did you enjoy that experience?

I loved it! I had a blast kinda coming full circle at Pieces from just competing there less than two years ago, to actually hosting a show–and people coming specifically for me. It was awesome. It went over so well, I’m actually still there every Wednesday as sort of a perma-guest, haha! Those two are so busy already, and that will only get amplified as time goes on. So when they’re both there I do two numbers and a drag suicide with them. But when one or both of them are away for the week, I step in host when they need me!


I know that you have a demanding day job… has that kept you from hosting weekly shows more often?

Yeah, let’s say that’s it! Kidding. I’m lucky enough to be able to essentially make  my own schedule and get off or out early enough when need be during the week. So no, it hasn’t gotten in the way too much. I’ve definitely hauled ass to gigs straight from Boy Work and cut it close, but I haven’t had to really turn anything down because of it. Soooo, HEY YOU… BOOK ME. I’LL BE THERE!

I have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of your soon! First off, I know you’ll be a host for the Friday Night party SKYN at the Museum of Sex, courtesy of This Free Life. Tell us more!

Ahhh yes! This Free Life knows how to plan an event! SKYN is going to be sickening. It’s a night all about he beauty of the body and self-love. Neon and body paint is the vibe throughout the whole place. We’ll have an open bar from 10:30-11:30. I’ll be doing a number and partying all night! It will definitely be a blast!


And down the road, you’re hosting bingo brunch at Colony 274 on August 26 with Philly’s Donna Ria and Jersey’s Ariel Versace! Have you worked with those queens before?

I’ve never worked with either of those girls before, actually. Donna is great, though. I’m excited to get to know her and the audience at Colony 275! I remember Ariel from back in the day in Jersey, when she was just getting started. It’s going to be cute to see her again now!


What else must the children know?

Just like every drag queen, I appreciate validation from every single person that knows I’m alive…and it’s a universal fact that the ONLY way to show anyone you care is by following them on Instagram! So follow me if you’re so inclined!. In addition to videos of me flipping around in heels and wigs, it’s where you’ll find information about any upcoming gigs I have going on.

Validate this queen, everyone! Okay, so final question: we’re in the midst of Britney Week! Do you wish you were there, will you in fact be there, or Nah?

Oh noooo, you’re gonna make people hate me! But I can’t lie…I have no interest in attending. At all. I saw the Femme Fatale tour a few years back, and that was enough for me. I do have her IG notifications turned on though…queen of content!

From one queen to another! Thank you, Izzy!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for all of Izzy Uncut’s upcoming appearances. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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