On Point With: Munroe Lilly

One of NYC burlesque’s most provocative performers, Munroe Lilly has rabid fans all over the city. Combining drag/femme looks with traditional burlesque style has proven to be a winning formula for this unique artist, and in January 2018 this gurl is getting recognized in a big way! Thotyssey: Happy New Year, Munroe! So I believe yourContinue reading “On Point With: Munroe Lilly”

On Point With: Lailah Lancing

Lailah Lancing is trans warrior, a rockabilly retro vixen, a wonderful singer, a Lucky Chengs legend and an all around sweetheart. Now a bartender and performer at Excelsior in Park Slope with a big holiday showcase coming up that she’s presenting there, Thotyssey is honored and privileged for this fun and informative chat with this amazingContinue reading “On Point With: Lailah Lancing”

On Point With: Heidi Haux

Election Day is finally upon us, so now is this best time to catch up with Hillary Clinton’s best known drag impersonator in NYC. Known also for a strong showing in last year’s “So You Think You Can Drag?” and weekly gigs at Lips and the Duplex, this queen is as fiercely whip-smart as she isContinue reading “On Point With: Heidi Haux”

On Point With: Harmonica Sunbeam

She’s been a hard-working and entertaining queen since the Harlem ball scene of the 90′s, and she continues working all over New York and New Jersey. Her summer this year might’ve gotten off to a bad start, but that hasn’t kept her away from the stage too much–in fact, she’ll be performing at Jersey CityContinue reading “On Point With: Harmonica Sunbeam”

On Point With: Sapphira Cristal

This “very odd child” who prayed at the Church of Beyonce (no, literally) and was schooled vigorously in the performing arts, grew up to be a fierce, funny and drop dead gawgeous drag diva of New York, Philly and beyond.She’s gigging all over the damn place these days. and this weekend she’s vying for the covetedContinue reading “On Point With: Sapphira Cristal”

On Point With: Rev. Yolanda

This Alabama-born singer-songwriter is also an interfaith spiritual adviser, an LGTB activist, and a beloved NYC entertainer since the 1980′s. Turning 60 this weekend–with a fun birthday showcase of her original songs interpreted by a large cast of performer pals at the Metropolitan Room–let’s give it up for Reverend Yolanda Roger Anthony Mapes in this exclusive Thotyssey interview! Thotyssey: HiContinue reading “On Point With: Rev. Yolanda”

On Point With: Kristy Blaze

This fierce Latina queen has been Blazing up the stages and dance floors of venues all over New Jersey and New York for years. This week and this whole month, you’ll have a bunch of chances to see her slay, but catch her while you can! This gal is going places. Thotyssey pokes the flamesContinue reading “On Point With: Kristy Blaze”

On Point With: Vita Summers

Bestowing upon our city a much-needed sense of southern grace and glamour, pageant queen and songstress Vita Summers has taken NYC by storm in a relatively short period of time. Now with three weekly shows this season, a Stonewall Invasion this weekend and lots of stuff on the horizon, Vita is both a force toContinue reading “On Point With: Vita Summers”

On Point With: Azraea

One of nightlife’s first contemporary personalities to really challenge the gender norms of drag, the non-binary identifying Dakota Bracciale–whose stage name was/is Azraea–contributed so much to the face of queer life. With fierce paint and an entirely unique stage presence, Azraea–along with Veruca la’Pirhana and the famous Thorgy–co-founded the now-deceased Our Lady of Saliva, aContinue reading “On Point With: Azraea”