On Point With: Kristy Blaze


This fierce Latina queen has been Blazing up the stages and dance floors of venues all over New Jersey and New York for years. This week and this whole month, you’ll have a bunch of chances to see her slay, but catch her while you can! This gal is going places. Thotyssey pokes the flames with Kristy Blaze!

Thotyssey: Kristy, hello! Happy almost birthday! When is the official date?

Kristy Blaze: My official birthday is Friday, August 5th, love!

I see you gigged on Saturday at a restaurant in Dover, NJ called Tequila 55. How did that go?

Tequila 55 is always fun. It’s mostly a straight crowd, but gay friendly. They always show me so much love.

You are one of the busiest queens out there. It seems you work in a different venue almost every night. Do you like it that way, or would you prefer a few weekly gigs at set locations?

I actually love it! It makes me feel appreciated and loved for what I love to do! Seeing different people and having the venues asking me to come back is really appreciated. A set weekly gig wouldn’t be bad either [laughs].

You seem primarily based in New Jersey, as far as gigs go. I think the Jersey scene is interesting because there are so many gay venues, but they’re spread so far apart. Almost as if there were no gay neighborhoods in New Jersey. Do you think that’s the case?

Actually, Asbury Park would be considered the gay neighborhood of New Jersey. There’s Paradise, Georgies, Cascada and lots of gay friendly establishments. But there is diversity between the South Jersey scene and the North Jersey scene!

Do you live in Jersey?

I reside in [the city of] Elizabeth!

Nice. What is your heritage, if you don’t mind me asking?

I was born in El Salvador.

What were you like growing up? What were your early creative interests?

I was actually an athlete; I ran cross-country and track, and won many titles with my team. But ever since I was little I always enjoyed dancing, and to be in the spotlight. I loved dancing different styles, and was intrigued watching the grownups! I was never the kid playing around with the other kids; I was dancing with the grownups at parties and family get-togethers. I was involved in music and theater programs in school.

What are your favorite styles of dance?

In Spanish, I love Salsa and Bachata. In other genres I love contemporary, hip hop, Bollywood etc.

So, how did you become Kristy Blaze the drag queen?

It’s a funny story, actually. When I recently turned 18, I snuck out my house to go to a gay club. I saw my first drag show at The Coliseum in Sayreville, NJ, hosted by Princess Janae, and saw so many queens–and I fell in love with the art! Being able to transform yourself and become a different person and showcasing your talent was Wow to me. I was dared that the next time I went, I would do it! So I did.

I came up with the name that same day I went to compete. At the time, my friends and I were known as Madonna, Britney and I was Christina–so I took “Christina” and shortened it as Kristy. And Blaze– I thought of it because every time I got on the floor, I would burn it up!  So Kristy Blaze came about.

Wow, that’s a perfect drag name story! What was your first paid gig? 

My first gig was after my third time performing in the competition–they booked me to perform at a pageant as a special guest.

Did any queen ever adopt you as her daughter? 

Well, I also got involved in the ballroom scene, and my first gay mother was Willi Ninja!! After he passed away, I had a very close connection with Morgan Royel, and she was one of the first queens I ever saw perform. And she was also in the ballroom scene, so I related to her and how real she was. She has been my gay mother ever since.

And do you have any drag children of your own?

Yes, I have drag children, but I also have gay kids. I always wanted a family, not only a drag house. I was taught the fundamentals of family by my mothers, and that’s what I love. My kids are succeeding in their personal life, and then the scene.

Do your kids carry the Blaze name?

Most of them do.

I see you were crowned Miss Gay NJ last year, congrats! 

I ran for Gay NJ because it was long overdue, and to help people with HIV and AIDS. It is a great cause!

Are you back at the pageant this year?

Yes, I’m giving up the title on September 11 in Parsippany, NJ. Also, I’m giving up my Miss Latinissimo title on September 25 at Mandala in Passaic, NJ.

You’re frequently performing at the Cockboyz party at Castro Bar. Fun times?

I’m a frequent host there and always support them. It’s a great party hosted by Kedwin Zapata and Yamil X.

So, Boots & Saddle in the West Village is starting a weekly Latin party this Thursday night, and you’ll be the debut queen for that party! It looks like you’ll be back hosting there every two weeks. Are you friends with Phil Chanel and Yamil, the party’s promoters?

I’m very excited on this new venture! And yes, I’m friends with Phil Chanel and Yamil X. I knew Phil for a ling time, but didn’t start working with him until I started hosting the Cockfight party at No Parking. And Yamil I’ve known since I started at Esquelita, Splash, etc.

You have two big birthday bashes in Jersey coming up… and both feature color coordination! First is Club Mandala in Passaic on August 7: blue and white. What can you tell us about that night?

Well, Mandala is like home, and since I’m the queen there [Miss Latinissima], it’s all love! It’s going to be a great night with family, friends and supporters! I have my Auntie Empress Vizcaya as my special guest that night, and I will be performing as well!

I chose the colors blue and white since it’s the colors of water and the sky, plus my Salvadorean flag colors. I reached that 30’s point, so I’m happy and blessed to still be around and doing what I love to do!

And on August 11th, the colors are red and black for your birthday at Feathers! Will that be, like, Opposite Day from the Mandala party?

[Laughs] No, red and black are my signature colors for my birthdays, and Blaze family events! It’s gonna be a great night! Feathers is a second home, and they always have treated me with so much love and respect! And I have Omar Von G and The Von G Boyz as my special guests. And also, we’re celebrating my son Hector Blaze’s birthday as well, so it should be another great night!  And, it’s my monthly hosting gig!

What else is coming up, gig-wise?

I’m co-hosting at G Lounge on Saturday, August 13th for the Glow Party with Kareem McJagger.

And August 25th, I’m co-hosting at Sangria Lounge in Perth Amboy, NJ for their Drag Attack party! And there might be some more dates in between.

Who should win Drag Race All-Stars Season 2?

Oh my God, there are so many good gals for this all-star season! I would say may the best woman win!

Good political answer! Final question: let’s say you’re on Drag Race, and you have to lip sync for your life: what song can you slay with?

I would say ”Last Dance” by Donna Summer. That’s one number that I can always count on to feel it and turn it out!

Yaz queen! Happy birthday!

Kristy Blaze begins hosting Toro Thursdays at Boots & Saddle every two weeks starting August 4th (10pm), and she will have a birthday bash at Club Mandala in Asbury Park on August 7th. She hosts Noche Caliente at Club Feathers at River Edge, NJ every second Thursday of the month, and her birthday bash there will be August 11th. She’ll guest host GLOW Saturday at G Lounge on August 12th, and guest perform for Drag Attack Thursday at Sangria Lounge in Perth Amboy, NJ on August 25th. She will be passing down pageant crowns for Ms. Gay New Jersey at the Parsippany Sheraton Hotel on September 11th, and for Miss Latinissima on September 25th at Club Mandala. Kristy Blaze can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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