On Point With: Annie Manildoo


A queen who is absolutely spearheading the rising drag scene in Long Island and a fierce force to be reckoned with… it’s the amazing Annie Manildoo!

Thotyssey: Annie hello! How was your weekend?

Annie Manildoo: Hello, darling! My weekend was eventful. Lots of planning and working my day job.

Werking and working! What’s your day job, if you don’t mid me asking?

No prob! I am a supervisor at Johnny Rockets in Deer Park at the Tanger Outlets. I split my time there between serving and managing.

I’m a fan of Johnny Rockets, so you’re a good person to know! 

Are you a LI native daughter?

Yes ma’am! Long Island born and raised, honey!

Everybody hates Long Island! Lol, I’m from Queens, I’m allowed to say that.

Everyone hates us… until the summer!

How was your experience growing up there?

It sucks growing up gay on Long Island; there’s no where to go! I’m working my padded ass off, though, and trying to change things up!

And you and some other queens are certainly succeeding! Did you go to school for performing arts?

Actually, yes! I graduated from Suffolk County Community College with my A.S. in Theatre, with an emphasis in acting and an independent study in makeup / costumes.

When did you first do drag?

My first performance as Annie Manildoo was at VIP Lounge in Patchouge on Memorial Day in 2013!

What prompted that debut?

I started as a Halloween queen. I was watching Drag Race from Season One, and always had a love for it. I saw a lot of the same kind of queens performing on the island, and thought I’d bring something different. Five years later, here I am!

I love your drag name by the way. Did it come to you immediately, or did you test drive a few others first?

Thank you! When I first tested drag out, I started with the name Jessica Midwood because I’m obsessed with Jessica Rabbit. But after performing once with that name, it didn’t feel like a fit. One day, while I was taking a shower and literally washing my balls, the name Annie Manildoo came to me, and I went full force.

Did any New York City or Long Island queen take you under her wi(n)g in your early drag days?

Not really. I’m my own mother, for the most part. My professor at Suffolk taught me the basics. I consider my drag “aunt” as Monica Storm. She’s one queen who’s helped me so many times.

Are you a frequent Fire Islander?

I have always enjoyed a day trip. I go now for pageants (mainly for the free room).

For decades, there haven’t been a whole lot drag spaces or even gay spaces on LI. But in the past few months that’s changing, thanks in large part to queens like Syn, LaBelle, Ivy Stalls and yourself! A new gay venue, Venue (!) opened in East Patchogue, and otherwise you are all creating events and parties out of thin air–in spots you’d never expect to see them. What brought this sudden movement on?

In the past year, I’ve joined two production companies as an executive producer and between those two companies, I’ve been producing shows for myself and other queens. I started with producing shows at Off Key Tikki in Patchogue through the Twisted Circus and Cabaret production company. In those shows, I’ve been bringing big name queens to the Island to build excitement and get a scene going. After those shows caught some attention, more things popped up like Venue, and I started producing other things with Pride Entertainment & Events. I don’t wanna say I single-handedly brought a pulse back to Long Island nightlife, but…

Yas Mama! Speaking of big name queens, the legendary Sherry Vine came down to perform in one of your shows recently, how did that go?

It was amazing! We had so much fun! The turn out was incredible and Sherry was such an incredible queen to work with!

What kind of audiences are you getting for these events… are these neighborhood gays, or curious straights? Or a mix?

A very eclectic mix, especially since a lot of the shows are at straight bars or venues.

I’m sure you pick your venues carefully, but some LI towns are known for being quite conservative. Have you ever been challenged from that end in your events?

Believe it or not, no! The support has been surprisingly positive! People on Long Island want something new and fun, and I’m trying to give them that.

Excellent! What’s, like, the Annie Manildoo “brand” of drag? What’s your approach to performing, and producing?

Always campy, always over the top. My drag is very Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and Fran Drescher from The Nanny, with a pinch of Marisa Tomei from My Cousin Vinny. She’s a middle-aged business woman down with the hustle.

Let’s talk about gigs, starting with the Winter Drag Spectacular at the Babylon American Legion on Saturday! What can we expect?

My business partner JayDee London and I independently produced the show as part of an event company we’re founding. The show is meant to feature the biggest names in local drag at the moment and in the past. We’re featuring my good sister Honey Davenport as a special guest, and drag legend Alexis Flame along with my other long island sisters: Frida CoxToni Homeperm, Syn, Glamydia Clap, Anita Moorehead, Ivy Stalls, Lady LaBelle, Bella Noche, & Labrynth.

Thursday, March 1st, you’ll be at the clinic… I mean Off Key Tikki!

Haha, yes! I’ll have very special gueSTDs Glamydia Clap and Donna Ria at my bi-weekly Off Key Tikki gig!  It’s gonna be infectious! Truly sickening.

And Sunday March 11th, you’ll be making a day of it at the Living Room in Bethpage.

Yes! That day we’re actually premiering a bi-weekly drag brunch and drag dinner at the Living Room. “I’m Living for Brunch” is from 3-6, hosted by myself and Bella Noche featuring Ramona Mirage! “I’m Living For Dinner” is a dinner show from 7 -10, hosted by myself & Ivy Stalls featuring Glamydia Clap, Syn & Labyrinth! We are trying to bring our own version of Lips to Long Island, since there’s nothing like it here now! Each show is $45, but there will be a 15% discount available if bought in advance on Eventbrite using the code queen15,  so buy today!

Looking ahead, back at the American Legion in Babylon on May 12th, May’s a Drag, featuring the Long Island Gay Men’s Chorus!

Yes! I’m so excited to host that; I was so flattered to be asked! Last year it was hosted by  Ariel Sinclair, who I deeply admire. She’s actually the first queen I ever saw live, and a total inspiration to me. To be asked to host something formerly hosted by her feels amazing.

What else?

I’m the executive producer of a show on Monday, February 26th, from 9-11 at One Eye Jack’s in Bethpage called “Queen Ivy’s Monday Madness,” hosted by Ivy Stalls and Lady LaBelle, featuring Glamydia Clap and Catrina Lovelace from NYC! Other than that, I obsessively update my Facebook and website.

Okay closing thoughts: how bad was that last Snatch Game on Drag Race All-Stars, and… who would you impersonate on your season?

OMG, I lived for DeLaAja and Shangela! Otherwise, eh. If I were on Snatch Game I’d do Roseanne Barr, Ms. Swan or Fran Drescher.

And finally, what is one thing the world may not yet know about Annie, but should?

She’s a queen for all occasions! A professional balloon twister, a wedding officiant and an ameatuer fire eater! I’ll literally do anything for a paycheck.

Thanks, Annie!

Annie Manildoo appears bi-weekly at Off Key Tikki in Patchogue (Thursdays at 9pm) and The Living Room in Bethpage (Sundays for 3pm brunch and 7pm dinner). See Thotyssey’s calendar for all upcoming appearances, and follow Annie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and her website.


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